Best Netflix Seasons to Watch During Ramadan 2024

EntertainmentBest Netflix Seasons to Watch During Ramadan 2024

Like every other film industry, the Arabic film industry is booming with a lot of watch options for viewers all around the world. With unique plotlines including history, family, drama, action, comedy, and crime thrillers, there is so much for all. Ramadan 2024 is bringing a new set of Best Netflix Seasons to watch during Ramadan 2024 for all Muslims.

List of the Best Netflix Seasons to Watch during Ramadan 2024

Here is a list of the best Netflix seasons to watch during Ramadan 2024:

  • Crashing Eid
  • 2020
  • Jinn
  • In the Bosom of a Thorn
  • It’s OK
  • The Deep State

Crashing Eid

Best Netflix Seasons to Watch during Ramadan 2024

Crashing Eid is a comedy-drama on Netflix starring Summer Shesha, Hamza Haq, and Bateel Qamlo in the leading cast. It revolves around Razan who is celebrating Eid celebrations with other Saudi family. While her British Pakistani fiance crashes these celebrations to convince her family that he is a perfect match for her. Crashing Eid can make you laugh with joy this Ramadan. Watch the trailer here.


Best Netflix Seasons to Watch during Ramadan 2024

2020 is a 30-episode Netflix series that follows a crime drama plotline. It trails down the life of an investigator who goes undercover to arrest a drug dealer lord for her personal revenge. However, her feelings get entangled during the case making it more complicated. Watch Nadine Nassib Njeim, Kosai Khauli, and Fadi Abi Samra play the lead roles in the series.


Best Netflix Seasons to Watch during Ramadan 2024

Jinn is an interesting season on Netflix to watch during Ramadan 2024. It centres around a high school field trip to Petra that turns their high school into a battleground. During the trip, they unleash two supernatural creatures, Jinns into the human world. One of them is good, the other evil. Their conflict takes place in the high school while the students try to stop them from destroying the world. It stars Salma Malhas, Sultan Alkhail, and Hamzeh Okab in the lead cast. Watch the trailer of Jinn below:

In the Bosom of a Thorn

Best Netflix Seasons to Watch during Ramadan 2024

In the Bosom of a Thorn is set amidst the Kuwaiti invasion when an infant daughter is taken away from her mother. It is a drama series on Netflix comprising 30 episodes. The plotline follows the adult ‘taken-away’ daughter finding her way back to her mother while several intricate stories follow the lead plot. The main cast of In the Bosom of a Thorn includes Elham Al Fadalah, Ibrahim Al-Harbi, and Khaled Al-Buraiki. Watch the trailer here.

It’s OK

Best Netflix Seasons to Watch during Ramadan 2024

It’s OK is a Labenese Netflix series among the best Netflix seasons to Watch during Ramadan 2024. It is a documentary that trails the life of a Labenses Superstar Elisa. In this documentary series, she reflects on her career after releasing her first independent album. Here is a trailer of the Arabic Netlfix show It’s OK:

The Deep State

Top Arabic shows

The Deep State is one of the recent best Arabic Netflix Seasons to watch during Ramadan 2024. The action begins with the death of a pilot which puts all the blame onto a high-ranking government official. The story unfolds further when two intelligence officers take the lead to prove his innocence. Watch this interesting crime thriller on Netflix starring, Bashar al-Shatti, Khaled Al Muthafar, and Faisal Al-Ameeri.


These are the leading Netflix seasons to watch during Ramadan 2024 that take you into the realm of the Arabic film industry. Explore interesting plotlines, uncover Arabic culture, and watch the potential of these dramas this Ramadan. So, give yourself some relief and watch these shows to entertain yourself.


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