Best Arabic TV Shows on Netflix to Watch in 2024

EntertainmentBest Arabic TV Shows on Netflix to Watch in 2024

Explore the best Arabic TV Shows on Netflix that you can watch in 2024. The entries in the list do not exclusively include the best Arabic dramas on Netflix from 2024 but earlier releases too.

Evolution of Arabic Dramas

The Arabic zone is widely famous for its tourist destinations, enriched culture, divine dusty beauty, and refined history. It appeals to everyone for a visit. However, the sad part is that everyone is not lucky enough to go there to experience everything first-hand. But, ever since Arabic television has evolved, viewers from all around the world can live the Arabian lifestyle. Stick till the end to find out the best Arabic TV shows on Netflix to watch in 2024 from crime thrillers to horror to romantic to whatnot. 

Best Arabic TV Shows on Netflix

Get into the world of Arabs scattered from the Middle East to Cairo to Morocco and everywhere else. We have brought a list of recent best Arabic TV dramas available on Netflix from a wide range of genres. 

  1. Hard Broken
  2. Devil’s Advocate
  3. Tahir’s House
  4. The Exchange
  5. Dubai’s Bling
  6. Finding Ola
  7. Jinn
  8. Paranormal
  9. Love, Life, and Everything in Between
  10. Scattered Barriers

Hard Broken

Best Arabic TV shows on Netflix

Hard Broken is a crime thriller Arabic drama serial that delves into the lives of friends in a close-knit group. They have an apparently perfect life which falls apart following a murder. Some dark secrets from the past and hidden romances come into the picture which disrupt the friendships in the present. Hard Broken is an Arabic drama about infidelity, love, betrayal and friendship. The cast includes Muhannad Alhamdi, Rasha Bilal, Talal Jurdi, and others.

Devil’s Advocate

Best Arabic TV shows on Netflix

Devil’s Advocate comes straight from the Kuwaiti TV production houses. It is a crime mystery thriller that revolves around the murder of a famous footballer’s wife. At the time the authorities arrive, the only person in the house is Bader Khalid, the footballer himself which makes him the only suspect. All evidence is against him but a young lawyer decides to defend him. She is the only one who believes in his innocence. Watch this Arabic drama on Netflix to find out whether he is proven guilty or sentenced.

Cast: Haya Abdulsalam, Nouf Al Sultan, Eman Al Ali.

Tahir’s House

Best Arabic TV shows on Netflix

Tahir’s House or Tahir’in Evi is a comedy Arabic drama on Netflix in 2023. It revolves around the Tahir family that owns a Jeddah fish store which is moving towards bankruptcy. The drama is filled with scenes of laughter and fun. The family decided to uplift their business which they succeeded. However, throughout the process, they learn about brotherhood and family.

Cast: Mohammad Bakhsh, Joud Alsufyani, Muhammad Al-Farra, Al-Hashemi Al-Faisal, Naima Ahmed, and more.

The Exchange

Best Arabic TV shows on Netflix

The Exchange is one of the best Arabic TV shows on Netflix in 2023. It is based on real-life incidents set before the arrival of Sadaam Hussain in the 1980s. It highlights the liberating position of Kuwaiti women in the male-dominated world of finance. As soon as the two women enter the stock market in Kuwait, they outsmart the best male traders there. This drama highlights the smartness and eligibility of women in all fields of work. 

Cast: Rawan Mahdi and Mona Hussain

Dubai Bling  

Best Arabic TV shows on Netflix

Dubai Bling is a TV show on Netflix that takes you into the glamorous life of Dubai. It delves into the extraordinary lavish lifestyle of a group of millionaires in Dubai. From private jets and planes to the expensive wardrobes and high-end lifestyles this show shows all the highs of dream lifestyle. So watch it to experience the expensive and lavish Arabian lifestyle in Dubai that everybody speaks of in Dubai Bling on Netflix. 

Cast: Fahad Siddiqui, Safa Siddiqui, Lojain Omran, Loujain Adada, Kris Fade, Brianna Fade, Zeina Khoury, and Ebraheem Al Samadi.

Finding Ola

Best Arabic TV shows on Netflix

Finding Ola is a comic way of shattering the stereotypes joined with Arab women. Ola, a seemingly happily married housewife comes across a sudden divorce. This wholly changes her life and leaves her confused. After living years as a housewife and dependent on her husband, she decides to start living for herself. She starts a business and embarks on a journey of self-discovery which makes her strong. 

Cast: Hend Sabry, Sawsan Badr, Hani Adel,  Nada Moussa, Mahmoud Ellisy, Dalia Shawky, and more.


Top Arab dramas

Jinn is a supernatural Arabic drama series that is centred around high school students. A high school trip to Petra leads to the death of a teenage boy. This field trip awakens two jinns- one good and the other evil. Both of them enter the human world and take over the school. Both of these good and evil jinns create that high school a battleground. It is an interesting watch as it is teenager drama, fantasy, supernatural, and mystery all together. 

Cast: Salma Malhas, Hamzeh Okab, Sultan Alkhail and Aysha Shahaltough


Top Arab dramas

Paranormal is one of the best Arabic TV shows on Netflix that you can watch in 2023. It is a supernatural drama that can scare you at night and leave you paranoid about your surroundings. A Hematologist, Refaat Ismail encounters some paranormal activities that he could not comprehend out of his scientific knowledge. Therefore, he sets on the journey of paranormal investigations to find answers. To understand everything, he has to encounter a supernatural creature. 

Cast: Ahmed Amin, Razane Jammal, Ayah Samaha, and more.

Love, Life, and Everything in Between

Top Arab dramas

Love, Life and Everything in Between is the very first Original Arabic Web series from Saudi Arabia on Netflix. It is an anthology series about love and relationships from different parts of the world. The love stories are from Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Lebanon, Palestine, and Tunisia. It is not a sentimental love story anthology. However, the universal trope of love is put as an umbrella while culture and locations are at the edges of it. This anthology is entertaining to watch as it shows different forms of love than the universal idea that we expect. 

Cast: Reem Al Habib, Ahmed Shawky Shaheen, Meshal Almutery, Samer Bisharat,  Ahmed Ezz, Asser Yassin, Saif Mohsen, and Passant Shawky.

Scattered Barriers

Top Arab dramas

Scattered Barriers show the lives of unemployed and helpless people during a pandemic. It centres around the life of a taxi driver who faces the hardships of life during the pandemic. The taxi driver initially refuses to conform to the precautions which comes back to him in the face of his mother’s death. His mother’s death and employment make him realize the importance of family. 

Cast: Ibrahim Al Zadjali, Salama Al Mazrouei, Belquis Al Balushi, Issam Al Zadjali, Ghalia Al Siyabia, and Amina Abdel Rasoul.

The Bottom Line

These are the Best Arabic TV shows on Netflix that you can watch in 2023. However, the variety of Arabic content is limited, and Arabic cinema is on a journey of growth. The dramas are filled with unique content ideas that give insight into the Arab lifestyle and culture from all around the world. These Arabic dramas on Netflix also help in portraying a developed and progressed image of Arabs to the world by breaking the conventional stereotypes pasted to the browns. If you need a variety of content and want to learn more about diverse cultures, these Arabic dramas are some great suggestions that you will enjoy.

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