Employees facing acute shortage of govt accommodations

ISLAMABAD, Pakistan: The present government accommodations are not sufficient to meet the requirements of the government employees in the Federal Capital, an official in the Ministry of Housing and Works said.

Talking to the state-run news agency, the official said that the Ministry of Housing and Works has allotted 170 government accommodations and flats to the employees of National Assembly and Senate Secretariat since June 2013.

The official said that the Federal Cabinet has imposed ban on new construction of government accommodation in 1995 and the matter of construction of government accommodation was taken up on public private partnership.

In this regard, he said that a proposal to demolish the existing government accommodation at Sector F-6/4 and construction of 10-storey flats in their place, was submitted to the prime minister last year.

The official said that the Prime Minister’s Office had directed to re-submit the summary through the Cabinet Division after consultation with all the stake-holders. He said that accordingly, the Capital Administration and Development Division (CADD) and Capital Development Authority (CDA) were requested to furnish their views and response from them is still awaited

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