Emirates NFTs | Another Major Step Into The Virtual World

Dubai’s Emirates is going to be the first airline to get into the world of the metaverse. NFTs took to the trend in metaverse recently which made everyone seek this opportunity to make a digital fortune. Among other individuals and businesses, Dubai Emirates is the first amongst the airlines to launch its Emirates NFTs. The project is in progress and will take some time to launch successfully. 

Emirates NFTs

Emirates NFTs

Dubai’s progress is exposed and overt leaving no curtains for the world to hide the transformation it has gone through. From industrialisation to the tertiary sector, Dubai has made an exceptional standing. Meanwhile, in the metaverse, Dubai is planning to be on the top. The Chief Executive of the Emirates airline shared the vision of making Dubai top of the digital world. Therefore, the airline is launching the first set of utility-based Emirates NFTs in a few months. 

Alongside Emirates NFTs, Dubai has also been working on various other digital platforms. Those platforms include virtual assets, artificial intelligence, and the data protection department. 

Emirates Future Plans

Emirates is getting on track with the virtual world and advanced technologies to provide the best to its customers. The efforts that they are putting in the digital era require a significant amount of investment and resources. Once it gets successful, it will prove to be a beneficial investment in the long run.

Moreover, this NFT step is not the only one that Emirates has taken to make its position in the futuristic business. Last year, Emirates launched its own VR app on the Oculus Store. This app provides a life-size cabin to travellers. The facility is only available in flagship A380 aircraft and Boeing 777-300ER Gamechanger aircraft. The customers can enjoy a Shower Spa have a social gathering at Onboard Lounge or visit the cockpit as well. Emirates is doing all of this to stand out among the other airlines and create a customer base like no other airline. 

Emirates NFTs

News From Expo

In Expo 2020, the officials from Emirates online declared several signs of progress in the airline to transform the airline experience. An official stated, ” they want to bring to life the airline’s future-focused projects including those relating to the metaverse, NFTs and Web3.” 

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