Emine Erdoğan cried while meeting Rohingya Muslims in Bangladesh


By Syeda Munawara Qazi

Dhaka, Bangladesh: A crying graceful woman who came to Cox’s Bazar district of Bangladesh could not talk because she was overcastted by emotions and her voice was chocked when she met Rohingya females and children.

She flew around 6000 kilometer to reach Rohingya Muslims who are facing unchecked genocide in Myanmar and have taken refuge in Cox’s Bazar district of Bangladesh.

Who was this graceful woman?

She was the First Lady of Turkey— Emine Erdoğan. She was not alone but was accompanied by his son Bilal Erdoğan and flanked by top brass of her country including the Minister of Family and Social Policies Fatma Betül Sayan Kaya, President of the Turkish Cooperation and Coordination Agency (TİKA) Serdar Çam, President of the Disaster and Emergency Management Authority (AFAD) Mehmet Güllüoğlu, Director General of the Turkish Red Crescent (Kızılay) İbrahim Altan and President of the Women and Democracy Association (KADEM) Sare Aydın.

When asked to express her feelings after meeting refugees? Her answer was straight and simple—She said:

“It is impossible not to be touched by watching what Rohingya Muslims are facing today. It is unbelievable that such barbarity is taking place before the eyes of the world in 21 century and this genocide is unchecked and unregistered”.

Emine Erdoğan cried while meeting Rohingya Muslims in Bangladesh
Emine Erdoğan cried while meeting Rohingya Muslims in Bangladesh

She said she had seen humanity being ignored.

She offered all possible financial help from her country for the rehabilitation of Rohingya Muslims in Bangladesh.

Turkey is the first country to announce tangible support to Rohingya Muslims and decided to provide financial support to the government of Bangladesh for accommodating Rohingya Muslims who reached Bangladesh from Myanmar.

Turkish First Lady hopped that world would care about Rohingya Muslims and would stand to stop their genocide by radical monks of Myanmar.

She said that she arrived Bangladesh to meet Rohingya Muslims for sending a message to everyone on earth that humanity bears responsibility to protect Rohingya Muslims.

She distributed relief materials supplied among victim families those are taking asylum in makeshift camps in Cox’s Bazar district.

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