Emerging Reality: Islamic State and Caliphate map is neither a joke nor a hilarious Idea

Emerging Reality: Islamic State and Caliphate map is neither a joke nor a hilarious Idea

By Agha Iqrar Haroon 


Islamic State (IS) or caliphate map is terrifying

—This map is a Joke

—This is an absurd idea

—This is a non-sense concept

—This development is hilarious

These are reactions coming from western world since IS released its map covering “desired areas to be part of the Shariah driven New World”.

Audio tape message of  Caliph of  Islamic State (IS) has given option to all Muslims to reach IS land to live and fight or fight where they are. Recently IS declared new caliphate (Islamic state) and called on Muslims everywhere to swear loyalty to the Caliph of the time Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi.

After this statement a map arrived on social media through SI networking and map is called “Five year Plan of extension of SI”.

ISIS map

This map has historic perspectives and background so this map cannot be called a stupidity or a joke.  This map is not a gag rather it represents dreams of thousands of Salafi Muslims who have been giving their lives by waging religious war (Jihad) from South East Asia to China and from Indian administrative Kashmir to Syria since Jihadism was promoted and accepted as an operative and useful tool by Western world for changing the governments and turning the tables in 1979 during Afghan-Russian War. This map indicates new emerging states and dissolution of existing states. This is the chemistry of Jihadism or Salafi Islam that was successfully worked out for disintegrating former Soviet Union.

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US claims he is not behind ISIS or radicals
US claims it is not behind ISIS or radicals

This formula is testified and trustworthy so it is being used and effectively working—this time in Middle East. Saudi Arabia and United States are careful and they are not taunting this map because they are scientists of this formula in 1979 and know how much effective and lethal this formula is. Apparently, this map does not dissolve Saudi Arabia but nobody knows what geo-political developments will follow once Iraq and Syria are dissolved in this caustic reaction.

Khurasan will be biggest Islamic region outside of Middle East. Khurasan is already a popular dream among radicals of Russia, Central Asia, Afghanistan, China and Pakistan. This map also includes China, some parts of Russia, Iran, Pakistan, Bangladesh and India. This map is not the Ultimate Map— it can be amended according to the wishes of the Caliph Abu Bakr al Baghdadi.

Western media believes United States has nothing to do in promoting Islamic State in Middle East
Western media believes United States has nothing to do in promoting Islamic State in Middle East

The Western backed “Arab Spring” has helped this map to become a reality in North Africa. Libya is now a heaven for radical Islamists, including al-Qaeda, while AQ in the Islamic Maghreb (AQIM) is active in several countries including Algeria, Libya, Mali and Niger. Boko Haram operates further south in Nigeria, while al-Shabaab continues its working in the Horn of Africa.  The al-Qaeda mystic is declining somewhat and ISIS is emerging fast and displacing AQ.

This map is extended as far as Austria that indicates this map is placed for many bargains and deals during the next five years before becoming a reality and disbanding of Greece, Romania, Armenia, Turkey Bulgaria and Austria through financial crises is possible. Since these all countries are mostly tourism destinations and their economies based on tourism dollar so it will not be challenging for IS to bog down their economies by attacking popular tourist destinations in these countries.

Western media is joking that IS will initiate work on this map with only 40,000 thousand jihadists that are present in Iraq and Syria. Western media is still shy to accept that around 30,000 western youth fighting with IS against Syria since the last 2 years while IS will work through Jihadi franchises in India, Pakistan, China, Afghanistan and Central Asia. Tehrik-i-Taliban Pakistan (TTP) and Lashkar-i-Jhangvi are reportedly providing Jihadis for Syria war for the last 2 years so these two Jihadi components are already a part of Global Jihad networking in South Asia. Lashkar-e-Jhangvi is allegedly considered as partner of  Jamaatul Dawa that is busy in Indian administrative Kashmir Jihad so it is easier to add India into Khurasan. Jihadis can arrive to India from gulf States or Saudi Arabia once the Caliph orders them to start Jihad in India. There are reports that Afghan Islamists have been arrested in Sri Lanka for spreading extremism that also indicates Jihad is reaching Sri Lanka soon or later.

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According to estimation Lashkar-e-Jhangvi (LeJ) provided around 2,000 foot soldiers for Syria war during the last 3 years while some circles believe number of volunteers are more than 10,000 from Pakistan. LeJ can help more to provide foot soldiers in Sri Lanka once unrest start in major town.

Islamic Movement of Uzbekistan (IMU) is already active in Pakistan, China and Tajikistan and it will get the responsibility launching IS establishment in Central Asia and Xinjiang. In Balken states Chechens will be the best who are already fighting as foot soldiers of IS in Syria.

IS can achieve its targets in five or less than five years will be testified by future but there is no doubt that this map is not a joke or an absurd idea. There are fears that Jihad will be start from United Kingdom in Europe if IS and UK do not reach to any deal in next one or two years. UK is already a kindergarten and nursery for western Jihadis.  Having a launching pad of UK in Europe, there will be no big deal for IS to reach Austria or further for establishing replica of Ottoman Empire or “Revival of Ottoman Empire”.


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