Embassy of Pakistan in Ukraine evacuates Pakistani Students

TERNOPIL, Ukraine: The Embassy of Pakistan in Ukraine has managed to evacuate 70 Pakistani Students from Kharkiv City which is one of the main battle grounds between the Ukrainian and the Russian forces.

In a statement on Saturday, the Embassy said that Pakistani Students will be received today at around 11 am by its Facilitation Desk at the Lviv Railway Station.


The Embassy further said that it has received 23more Pakistani Students at Lviv Facilitation Desk, coming from different cities of Ukraine including Kyiv.

Students are set to be transferred to the Polish border through transportation arranged by the Embassy.

The following are current updates from the Embassy of Pakistan in Ukraine;

  • 62 people including 21 Family Members of the Embassy Staff already evacuated
  • 59 people are on the border crossing (Ukraine-Poland border)
  • 79 people are on the way to borders now (67 Students towards Ukraine-Poland border and 12 Family Members of the Embassy Staff towards Ukraine-Romania border)
  • 104 Students from Kharkiv are on train arriving midday
  • 20 Students are being evacuated from Kyiv on bus arranged by the Embassy

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