Electric Bike Kit In Pakistan | Specs, Price, and More

Bikes in PakistanElectric Bike Kit In Pakistan | Specs, Price, and More

The painful hike in fuel prices has forced people to think of alternative means of travel. While many car owners are opting for motorbikes, the two-wheeler drivers are stepping further down. However, the inflation crisis is a blessing in disguise for electric bike companies. Although consumers can purchase e-bikes from the local market, they are trying their luck with the electric bike kit in Pakistan.


The e-bike kit is an economical solution to the fuel crisis in Pakistan. The concept is new in the local consumer market. However, it has already gained popularity in the west. If you want to know how you can get an electric bike kit in Pakistan, we have got you covered with all the details you need.

What Is an E-Bike Kit?

An e-bike kit is a conversion solution to use ordinary bikes with electric power. The kit consists of a wheel motor fitting with a hub motor. You can charge the battery in the kit to drive your bike without fuel.

Electric Bike Conversion Kit in Pakistan


The specifications of the e-bike conversion kits may vary based on the type of bike you use them for. While this may be true, the core purpose of each kit is to create an alternative power output to driving a motorbike.

How To Buy It?

If you are interested in buying the e-bike conversion kit for your motorbike, you can find it available in some of the famous online stores in Pakistan including Daraz. You can check the details of the product, review the customer feedback section, and communicate with the sellers directly.

Wondering how it looks? You can check the product images before placing the order online.

Pro Tip: Don’t forget to check the specifications and compatibility requirements before buying the electric bike kit. You may share your bike model info or pictures with the seller to order the right kit. 

Electric Bike Conversion Kit Specifications

For your ease, we have listed the key specifications of the electric bike conversion kit in Pakistan below:

  • Motor Type: BLDC Hub Motor w/ Permanent Magnet
  • Motor Diameter: 244mm/ 9.5 inches
  • CD70 & 125, 17″ Rim Fitting
  • Voltage: 48V-60v
  • Power: 1500w
  • Continuous Current: 32A
  • Max Torque: 95N.M
  • Max No-load RPM: 750RPM
  • Max Speed : 50-55km/h
  • Brake: Drum
  • Weight: 9Kg

E-Bike Kit Price In Pakistan

The price of the e-bike conversion kit in Pakistan starts from PKR 1,800. It may vary for different vendors and specifications.

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