How to celebrate Eid 2023 in Dubai

UAEDubaiHow to celebrate Eid 2023 in Dubai


We all know that Dubai is filled with Expacts so here is what you can do on Eid 2023 in Dubai.

  • list of Dubai Eid Festival activities
  • fireworks, concerts, comedy shows
  • beaches for picnic
  • Eid feast discounts
  • parks and resorts

The completion of the holy month of Ramadan is marked with the celebration of Eid al-Fitr, which brings Joy, contemplation, and quality time with family and friends.


The end of Ramadan and the celebration of Eid al-Fitr are coming up this week. Since it occurs on the first weekend of the year, the Eid al Fitr festival is eagerly awaited.


How to celebrate this Eid in Dubai:

Dubai’s extravagant celebrations of Eid are famous. There are lights and decorations all across town. The city is gearing up for one of the liveliest holidays; Dubai will organize several special events.

As we know, Dubai has hundreds of places where you can go to celebrate Eid. But for this special occasion, we have selected an exclusive list of events to be held to increase Eid’s joy. We have made a list for you so you will attend all critical events.

Eid Fireworks in Dubai

List of Dubai Eid Activities 2023:

Take advantage of the festive season by participating in exciting events, exploring incredible new places, and enjoying memorable moments with your loved ones.

Top Eid Al Fitr activities in Dubai are listed below.

  1. Firework display:

The city, as always, will be illuminated by fireworks displays. It is an essential component of Dubai culture, and the city’s most visited landmarks take advantage of every opportunity to wow visitors on any occasion.

You can witness the fireworks at:

  • Dubai Festival City Mall,
  • Bluewater’s Island,
  • The Pointe,
  • Global Village.

2. Eid music live concerts:

Musicians worldwide are gathering in Dubai to perform during this year’s “Eid in Dubai” celebrations. We’ve compiled a list of some of the most in-demand shows you should take advantage of.

  • Ayushmann Khurana, a famous Bollywood actor and singer,
  • Iranian musical superstars, Yasini, Ali
  • Reza Sadeghi, an accomplished musician and Iranian pop icon,
  • Khadija Moath and Dahoum Al-Talasi, music performance
  • Taher Mamelli, a Syrian musician.


3. Comedy shows:

Dubai is holding a few comedic performances and plays in honour of Eid. People who enjoy laughing will be thrilled to hear this. Get your tickets now for the hilarious live comedy events not to be missed.

The great comedians will increase the joy of Eid by spreading laughter.

  • Stas Starovoitov, a well-known Russian comedian,
  • Atul Khatri, a famous Indian comedian
  • Max Amini is an Iranian- American comedian.


Dubai Beach and Lake picnic points:

Take the family and friends out for a day at the beach in Dubai by loading up on food, sunblock, and games and enjoying the gorgeous Dubai shores this Eid weekend.

Here are some of the best locations you can go to celebrate the Eid holidays:

  • Dubai Creek Harbor Lookout
  • Moon lake
  • Love lake
  • Expo lake


Resorts and Parks in Dubai:

Dubai is famous for its vast and impressive parks; if you stay in Dubai for Eid, one of the best things to do with kids and adults of all ages and interests is to visit the Dubai Parks and Resorts.


Eid feast:

The feast of Eid is something that nobody can forget. Visit one of the many hotels and restaurants in the area to take advantage of their enticing Eid holiday specials and taste the city’s finest cuisine. Spend the three-day weekend eating in a variety of mouthwatering cuisines. While you’re at it, try some authentic Arabic desserts to get into the spirit of celebrating this happy event.


You may now choose from a wide range of activities in Dubai over the Eid holidays in 2023 as we have provided you with all the essential exclusive events details; take your time; begin making preparations now for the finest possible long holiday.

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