Ehd-e-Wafa Last Episode – An Emotional Wrap Up of Friendship


So the journey comes to a perfect ending with a collection of lessons, emotions and strong bonding for life! Usually, most of the dramas fail to have a fine ending but director Saife Hassan has done a marvelous job for Ehd-e-Wafa by seriously going in accordance with the theme of the drama name.

The last episode of the drama began with a flashback to all the episodes of the drama to recall the journey of the four friends, their struggles and conflicts, and the reunion with everlasting friendship. This episode included much of those things which were most awaited to be resolved after the climax among which Shehryar’s relation with Masooma was on the list plus the fans were keen to know whether Saad would be surviving making the drama having a happy ending or he might be meeting martyrdom leaving everyone emotional.

The amazing thing about this drama was that all four stories related to the four friends haven’t been left with any loophole making it like a bad taste of the clove while eating a tasty biryani. Kudos to the director and writer who have made it possible to keep the drama end in a satisfactory manner.top 10 pakistani drama Ehd-e-wafa

In this last episode, Saad has been showed serving at the Line of Control against the Indian Armed Forces while responding to their unprovoked invasion vigilantly along with the other soldiers. Meanwhile, he has been shown having thought of meeting martyrdom during this operation and so he calls his friend Shehryar to tell him how important all three of his friends are to him. This emotional scene wraps up quickly leaving people almost ensured that it would be turning out as a sad ending in terms of Saad.

On the other hand, Shehryar reaches Masooma’s house to propose her finally. He knocks at the door; as Masooma asks to know who is at the door and came to know that it is Shehryar, it makes her nervous with the pleasure. She tells him that her parents are not at home but Shehryar says he is there to meet Masooma. She opens the door as soon as Shehryar confesses about his love for Masooma. Taking the opportunity of the moment, she responds in the same way as Shehryar did when Masooma confessed her love for him. As Shehryar turns to go back, Masooma stops him by offering a cup of tea, depicting the acceptance of Shehryar’s proposal. This scene was full of sweetest emotions resulting in a perfect bonding between the couple. Another pleasant thing about this scene was that Masooma tells Shehryar that she is now teaching English in a Government School and has the same grade as that of Shehryar’s.

Meanwhile, Saad is fighting at the border and just then he got severely injured during the operation. Shariq, on the other hand, is doing a live show on the opening of Kartarpur Corridor with some Sikhs when he gets intimated about breaking some news. As he reads the news about the operation on LOC, he gets in shock to see the news about Saad being seriously injured and leaves the show to see his friend. All three friends reach the hospital and pray for his recovery. A strong yet emotional scene comes up when Saad’s wife, Alizeh Shah as Dua herself becomes the part of the panel doing his surgery. Moreover, when the nurse calls for the blood arrangement, it was so amazing to see that Malik Shahzain, who always had conflicts with Saad, steps forward to donate blood for him. The operation turns out to be successful and Saad was feeling better.

It wouldn’t be justified not to mention here about Gulzar’s significant role always adding fun to even the serious situations of the drama. The best dialogue by him for this episode was to Saad, as he turns conscious that, “Tu Jannat mein hai aur hum teri hoorian hain”. The drama would not have been amazing without Gulzar so hats off to him.

The last episode winded up when the four friends, Malik Shahzain (the politician), Saad (Army Officer), Shariq (Journalist) and Shehryar (Assistant Commissioner) pay visit to PMA to recall the memories. It was the point where these friends started off their journey so all of them were emotionally connected to the place. They addressed the students with some fine pieces of advice and got their photographs captured in the premises to make it memorable. Ehd-e-Wafa completes its journey remarkably, making it something unforgettable!

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