Watch Ehd-e-Wafa Episode 21 online – A Mix of Emotions

Ehd-e-Wafa’s Episode 21 

Ehd-e-Wafa’s each & every episode is a blend of emotions and tonight’s was something exceptional in all aspects.  It was the kind of episode which makes you cry and laugh at the same time. The director Saife Hassan did complete justice to all the beautiful scenes. The actors also did a commendable job of translating these priceless emotions on screen.


Last week after the episode went on air there were so many twitter users who criticized the writer for suggesting that politicians can influence the people who selected higher ranking officers after candidates pass the CSS exams though it was made quite clear in the previous two episodes that Shahzain was lying and he had nothing to do with Shehryar’s selection. People, of course, are free to discuss the bureaucracy and politics whichever way they want but why do it with #Ehd-e-Wafa when the writer is not implying anything like that!

Tonight’s episode of Ehd-e-Wafa had Saad’s parents’ conversation about his wedding which was truly refreshing. It is truly amazing how the parents and children in this drama have been shown as partners. This partnership is the reason why Alizeh Shah as Dua and Saad were able to focus on their education and their careers. They knew that their parents will support them whenever they decided to get married.

Saad’s mother’s constant support and her wise approach towards everything had been shown through a few scenes in the past few weeks and tonight we also saw his father being cool about the whole thing! This was such a good way of showing that there was nothing wrong with children wanting to get married out of their own choice. Dua’s mother’s attitude was the same too. The open-minded and wise approach of the parents is something we need to see in dramas more often. I loved how this entire track has been covered throughout.

While the writer has quite a few inspiring scenarios for the young people in this drama, at the same time there are a few tips for the parents too! Saad and his father’s scenes were acted out so well by both these actors. It is almost as if they are related, their performances and the chemistry this two share, has been simply remarkable.

Shehryar and Firdous sahab’s scene was extremely emotional as well. The way Shehryar took Firdous sahab to his office and made him sit on his seat was such a nice gesture to show just how much he valued and respected him. The writer intelligently added Firdous sahab in this present scenario since the viewers already had emotional attachment with him and his son. Later on, everything was covered realistically because surely it wasn’t going to be easy for Shehryar to deal with a land mafia which was well connected. In this way the writer Mustafa Afridi yet again highlighted another corrupt element of the system. Ahmed Ali Akbar and Khalifa Shajeer Uddin’s performances in these scenes were brilliant.

Apart from that, the way Saad and Dua’s track was taken forward was yet another impactful and emotional element of this episode. Saad and Dua clearly are partners as well. Alizeh Shah and Ahad Raza Mir looked great together in this episode and their love story is my favourite at the moment. It is the perfect example of a healthy relationship and how partners should support each other. At the same time, they have fun with one another and there is enough romance to make it cute and entertaining. Dua’s dialogues about how Saad’s family made her feel were so easy to connect to because the viewers got to see just how welcoming they all were. Saad’s father opened the car door for Dua which was such a wonderful way of welcoming her. Saad’s parents’ acceptance of Dua and Saad’s support for her was the best part of this track tonight. Dua’s comment about the ring size and the other candid conversations were truly delightful to watch.

Moreover, Saad and Shahzain’s scene tonight showed just how far Saad had come. All this time we had all been waiting for Saad to be the leader, the bigger person with Shahzain which he had been with his peers in the PMA. Tonight, he did just that. Even Shahzain seemed like a vulnerable individual who required love and attention. Their conversation was written well and I am honestly relieved that these two are finally back to being friends after so many years.

So if we say that Ehd-e-Wafa is fulfilling all the commitments of being worthy to watch drama serial these days, it wouldn’t be wrong in any case. We are expecting to watch better and then the best of this drama with every upcoming episode as there is yet a lot more to come. So stay tuned and keep watching drama Ehd-e-Wafa every Sunday at 08:00 PM only on Hum TV.

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