Educational institutions to give inclusive education to transgenders

ISLAMABAD, Pakistan: All educational institutions funded or recognized by the government shall provide inclusive education and opportunities for transgenders to bring them in the mainstream.

It is obligatory for all academic, vocational and social security departments to give equal opportunities to transgenders on an equal basis with others without any discrimination.

The new draft bill `Transgender Persons (Protection of Rights) Act, 2017′, tabled in Senate focused on welfare schemes and programmes initiated by the government to facilitate and support livelihood for transgender persons including their vocational training and self-employment, an official of Ministry of Human Rights told APP.

He informed that under the new draft bill, referred to Senate functional committee on Human Rights, the government should be responsible to provide medical care and bring out a health manual related to gender reassignment surgery in accordance with the `World Profession Association for Transgender Health guidelines’.

It will review medical curriculum and research for doctors to address their specific health issues and to facilitate access to transgender persons in hospitals and other healthcare institutions.

Under the bill, the government should take steps to secure full and effective participation of transgender persons and their inclusion in society.

It said that no establishment shall discriminate against any transgender persons in any matter relating to employment and designate a person to be a complaint officer for one hundred and more persons to be a complaint officer to deal with complaints relating to violation of provisions of the Act.

Moreover, no transgender person shall be separated from parents or immediate family on the grounds of being a transgender, except on an order of competent court, in the interest of such person.