Dubai Traffic Fines 2024 with the list of Black Points

UAEDubaiDubai Traffic Fines 2024 with the list of Black Points

Dubai Traffic Fines 2024

Dubai stands out for its sophisticated road network, featuring many highways, bridges, and tunnels. This city is celebrated for its cutting-edge traffic management system, which promotes seamless traffic flow and reduces congestion. Our focus will be on compiling a comprehensive list of Dubai Traffic Fines and Blackpoints.

Dubai Traffic Fines and Black Points Overview

Authorities in Dubai have implemented a rigorous system of traffic fines and black points to ensure compliance with road safety regulations. These measures are crucial for maintaining order and safety on the roads. Fines and black points vary depending on the severity of the violation.


Red Signal Crossing Fines

Crossing a red signal in Dubai is considered a severe offence. Offenders can expect hefty fines and black points on their driving records. This strict enforcement helps to prevent accidents and ensure pedestrian safety at intersections.

RTA Fines

The Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) oversees the imposition of fines for various traffic violations in Dubai. These can range from minor offences such as parking violations to serious infractions like reckless Driving. RTA fines are designed to discourage unsafe driving behaviours and promote a culture of safety.

Compilation of Traffic Fines

We have compiled a detailed list of traffic fines and the associated black points for each offence. This list includes penalties for a wide range of violations, ensuring drivers are aware of the consequences of their actions.

It’s important to note that traffic fines typically take 24 hours to three days to record against an individual’s credentials. Drivers are advised to check their status regularly to avoid any surprises.

This comprehensive approach to traffic management highlights Dubai’s commitment to road safety and its efforts to minimize traffic violations. By staying informed about the fines and black points system, drivers can contribute to a safer driving environment for everyone on the road.

Dubai Traffic Fines and Black Points: Complete List 2023

Traffic In the City

However, the city suffers day-to-day traffic-related issues, especially during rush hours. To regulate the traffic flow, the Dubai authorities have, over the years, initiated several measures, such as launching drives to generate mass awareness about traffic rules, erecting traffic signs on roads, and imposing fines against violations.

Common Traffic Violations in Dubai

Some traffic rules violations often observed in Dubai are exceeding the speed limit, driving without a valid license or with a suspended license, driving an unregistered vehicle, hit-and-run accidents, driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol, reckless Driving, and ignoring traffic signals. These traffic offences are considered severe and may result in significant fines, license suspension or revocation, and even imprisonment in some cases.

Therefore, it’s essential for every motorist in Dubai first to remain fully aware of all traffic laws & regulations and obey them in letter and spirit to avert any tragic scene.Dubai Traffic Fines and Black Points: Complete List 2023

Red signal crossing fine in Dubai 2024

According to the online information, the fine for Red Signal Crossing in Dubai depends on your vehicle. For a motorbike Bike, it’s 1000 AED; for a car, if you jump a red signal or violate a red traffic light, it’s 1,000 AED, and if you are driving a heavy vehicle like a truck, it would be 3,000 AED. However, the red light in Dubai is not just an expensive fine; it can also affect your license due to the black points. For detailed info on Dubai Traffic Fines, check the table at the end of the article.

Dubai Traffic Fine Discounts

Dubai traffic Fines discount? Yes, you have heard it right. You can also avail yourself of discounts on Dubai traffic fines, as it’s a new campaign by Dubai police. You can check our guide for more info on this.

AED 500 Fine in Dubai

If you have heard about this fine, you might have been caught without a Valid Driver’s License. This is one of Dubai’s most common traffic fines due to an invalid licence. There could be many reasons behind an invalid Driver’s License in Dubai, but make sure you have a valid one before sitting behind the wheel in Dubai, UAE.

600 AED Fine in Dubai

This is commonly considered a speeding fine, as people use  600 AED when they have a speeding ticket. Usually, you get this fine if you go beyond the speed limit by 10 to 30 km. The fine can go up to AED 1500 with black points depending upon how much you were above the designated speed.

Highest Fine in Dubai

After a recent change in Traffic Regulations, the highest amount of fine that could be imposed on Motorists in Dubai is DH 100,000, approx USD 27,222

Check Dubai Traffic Fines

You can use the following Websites To Check and Pay Dubai Traffic Fines

  • Dubai Police website
  • Dubai police app
  • Smart Dubai app
  • RTA Dubai app
  • Ministry of Interior app

List of Traffic Fines and black points along with confiscation period

S. No
Acceptable amount (in UAE Dirham (AED))
Black points
Vehicle confiscation period
1Driving in a way that poses a danger to the driver’s life or lives and the safety of others20002360 days
2Operating in a way that harms public or private properties.Decided by court2360 Days
3Driving under the influence of alcoholby court2360 Days
4Driving under the influence of narcotic, psychotropic or similar substances.Decided by court2460 Days
5Driving a vehicle without number plates30002390 Days
6It is driving a heavy vehicle in a way that poses a danger to the driver’s life or lives and the safety of others.3000
7Driving a heavy vehicle in a way that causes harm to public or private properties3000
8Jumping a red signal by heavy vehicles3000
9Heavy vehicle drivers cause their vehicle or another vehicle to overturn.3000
10Heavy vehicles are not abiding by lane discipline.150012
11Loading a heavy vehicle in a way that poses a danger to others20006
12Loading a heavy vehicle in a way that causes harm to the road20006
13Heavy vehicles prohibited entry10004
14I am falling or leaking a heavy vehicle’s load.300012
15Not fixing reflective stickers at the back of trucks and transport vehicles500
16Operating industrial, construction and mechanical vehicles and tractors without permission from the licensing authority1500
17Failure to raise exhaust pipe in trucks1500
18Not covering trucks’ loads3000
19Failure to abide by loading or unloading regulations in designated areas10004
20They are overtaking a prohibited place with trucks.3000
21It is driving a heavy vehicle that does not comply with security and safety standards.20006
22I was driving against traffic.6004Seven days
23Entry from a prohibited place.10008Seven days
24Driving a noisy vehicle200012
25Driving a vehicle that causes pollution10006
26She was driving a vehicle without insurance.5004Seven days
27Driving an unlicensed vehicle.5004Seven days
28I was driving with a driving license issued by a foreign country except in permitted cases.10004
29Driving a vehicle on a different license40012
30Driving a vehicle with an expired driving license.5004Seven days
31Driving a car with an expired registration.5004Seven days
32Driving a vehicle that doesn’t comply with safety and security standards.500
33She was driving a vehicle that was unfit for driving.500
34She was driving a vehicle with one number plate.400
35Number plates with unclear numbers.400
36I was driving below the minimum speed set for the road (if any).4004
37Sudden swerving10004
38Reversing dangerously5004
39I am using a handheld mobile phone while driving.8004
40Any other distractions.8004
41I was jumping a red signal by light vehicles.10001230 days
42Jumping a red signal by motorbikes.10001230 days
43Exceeding the maximum speed limit by more than 60km/h20001230 days
44Exceeding the maximum speed limit by more than 80km/h20001230 days
45Exceeding the maximum speed limit by not more than 60km/h1500615 days
46Exceeding the maximum speed limit by not more than 50km/h1000
47Exceeding the maximum speed limit by not more than 40km/h700
48Exceeding the maximum speed limit by not more than 30km/h600
49Exceeding the maximum speed limit by not more than 30km/h300
50Failure to follow traffic policeman instructions.4004
51They are overtaking from the hard shoulder.10006
52Entering road dangerously6006
53Overtaking in a prohibited place600
54Running away from a traffic policeman man (light vehicle)8001230 days
55Running away from a traffic policeman by ( heavy car)10001630 days
56Causing the death of othersby court2360 days
57Causing severe accidents or court2330 days
58Failure of a light vehicle driver to stop after causing a minor accident.500860 days
59Loss of a heavy vehicle driver to stop after causing a minor accident10001660 days
60Allowing children under ten years old to sit in front seats400
61Failure to provide a child car seat for children under four years old.400
62Failure of the driver to fasten the seatbelt.4004
63Failure of the passenger to fasten the seatbelt4004
64Failure to leave a safe distance4004
65Entering the road without making sure it is clear.4004
66Not giving way to an emergency, police and public service vehicles or official convoys.3000630 days
67Parking cars in front of fire hydrants.10006
68Parking in spaces designated for people with special needs.10006
69I am stopping on the road for no reason.10006
70I am stopping at the yellow box.500
71Parking on the left side of the road in prohibited places.1000
72Stopping at pedestrian crossings500
73Parking behind other cars and blocking their way.500
74Taxis have designated pickup areas. Stop in undesignated ones.5004
75I am stopping the vehicle on a road junction or curve.500
76They are not securing vehicles while parked.500
77Parking in the wrong way.500
78Parking in a way that poses a danger to passersby.400
79Parking in a way that interrupts pedestrian movement.400
80parking on pavements400
81I am writing phrases or placing stickers on vehicles without permission.500
82I am exceeding the permitted level of tinting.1500
83I am tinting a vehicle that is not allowed to be tinted.1500
84I am not giving way to pedestrians on pedestrian crossings.5006
85Failure to abide by traffic signs and instructions.500
86They are littering from vehicle windows while driving.10006
87It is placing signs on the road in a way that causes harm to the road or interrupts traffic.500
88Modifying engine or chassis without permission.100012
89I was rubbernecking and crowding at traffic accident scenes.100030 days
90Using vehicles for undesignated purposes.3004
91They are transporting passengers illegally.30024
92Transporting flammable or hazardous materials without permission.30002430 days
93Transporting passengers in a vehicle that is not licensed for this purpose.1000460 days
94Exceeding passenger limit by a passenger transport vehicle.5004
95Failure to take road safety measures during a vehicle breakdown.500Seven days
96Failure of the motorcyclist to wear a helmet.5004
97Failure of passengers to wear helmets.5004
98Expired tyres5004Seven days
99Failure to use indicators when changing direction or turning.400
100Failure to prioritize vehicles coming from behind or on the left side.400
101Failure to get the car tested after carrying out significant modifications to the engine.400
102Failure to get the car tested after significant modifications to the chassis.400
103Failure of a light vehicle to abide by lane discipline.400
104The poor condition of car lights4006
105The poor condition of indicators.4002
106The poor condition of rear lights.4002
107Failure of pedestrians to abide by traffic signals.400
108Pedestrians are crossing from undesignated areas.400
109Failure of a school bus driver to activate STOP SIGN or abide by traffic rules.5006
110Driver’s failure to stop when school bus’s STOP SIGN is activated.100010
111I am using three-wheel or more leisure bikes on the road.300090 days
112Driving on lanes designated for taxis and buses except in permitted cases.400
113Participating in a motorcade without permission except in permitted cases.500415 days
114Changing vehicle colour without permission.800
115We were towing a car or a boat without permission.1000
116Failure to abide by safety and security standards in towing a car or a boat.1000
117The trailer’s rear or side lights are in poor condition.5004
118Absence of trailer’s rear or side lights.5004
119I am interrupting traffic in any other way not specified in this table.500
120It is turning from undesignated areas.5004
121I am turning in the wrong way.5004
122It is loading a light vehicle in a way that poses a danger to others.5004
123It is loading a light vehicle in a way that poses a danger to the road.500
124load or protruding load from a light vehicle without permission.5004
125Dropping or spilling loads from light vehicles500
126Illegal use of commercial number plates500Seven days
127Driving at night without lights.5004
128I was driving in foggy weather without lights.5004
129I was driving in foggy weather, violating the concerned authorities’ instructions.5004
130I am using a horn or car sound system disturbingly.4004
131I was driving at residential areas, educational zones, and hospitals in a way that endangered others’ lives.400
132I am not carrying a vehicle registration card.400
133I am using driving learning vehicles in prohibited times and areas.400
134I am teaching driving in a car that is not labelled as a learning vehicle.500
135I am teaching driving in an undesignated car for this purpose without permission from the licensing authority.500
136I am teaching driving without a license.500
137I am not carrying a Driving Learning permit while training.300
138Failure to hand over a driving license when the maximum black points are accrued in the first traffic violation.1000
139Failure to hand over driving license when the maximum black points are accrued in the second traffic2000
140Failure to hand over a driving license when the maximum black points are accrued in the third traffic violation.3000



What should I do if I mistakenly cause an accident in the UAE?

In line with Article 5(1) of the UAE Traffic Law, if you’re in a road accident you caused, follow these steps: First, give your documents and vehicle’s papers to the attending policeman. Then, evaluate the potential damages and aid the injured as needed.

If there is no police officer in sight, whom should I inform?

If no officer is present, and you’re in an accident, notify the closest police station within 6 hours. Any delay after that needs a valid reason.

Can I be arrested for the accident?

If the accident harmed or caused death, police can arrest you under Article 59(1) of Traffic Law.

What is the minimum penalty if I am convicted of a hit-and-run accident in the UAE?

You might face jail time or a fine starting at 25,000 dirhams for hit-and-run cases. Article 49(5) of UAE Traffic Law says you’ll meet the specified punishment if you cause injury and flee without good reason.

Will my license be revoked in case I caused an accident?

Apart from the fine, Article 58(1) could lead to license suspension and a ban on getting a new one after the accident. Article 60(5) lets them take your vehicle connected to the accident for court evidence.

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NOTE: The above FAQ section is not legal advice as the writer has generally tried to answer the most asked queries just for information. For legal advice, contact your lawyer. Moreover, the Fines were updated on July 2024, but in case of a specific fine, please cross-check with the official website of Dubai Police.

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