Dua Zahra Case- A New Update Proves Her Parents Right

Dua Zahra case


Dua Zahra case has been in action for months now and we have been witnessing a lot every other day. In April, Dua got disappeared from Karachi and left the whole country in restlessness. Her parents came to the screen and pleaded with the administration regarding the recovery of their daughter. The police and judiciary are continuously working to stand on the right side.

A Brief Update On Dua Zahra Case

Dua Zahra case

After days of searching for Dua, the Punjab police found her in Lahore and married a boy named Zahir Ahmed. This news created a hurl of mixed reactions from the netizens. However, her parents stayed put to the injustice. According to them, Dua Zahra is kidnapped and the alledged marriage is unlawful as they claimed that Dua is not an adult. They had been providing her birth certificates and all of her records to prove her an innocent child.

But, Dua has kept on negating the claims of her parents and posting videos and giving interviews. In all her interviews, she claims to be an adult, shows her Nikkahnama, and negates going back to her parents.

Dua Zahra case

Recently, Dua Zahra case took a turn with a medical report issued by the medical board. Court ordered the medical board to issue a medical report of Dua Zahra which proves her age to be between 14 to 15 years old. The board consisted of 10 members who determined the age of Dua. M. Jibran Nasir, a social activist turned to the internet to announce this news.

What Does The Medical Report Say?

The medical reports proved that Dua’s medical age is 15 to 16  years old as judged by her Xrays, dental and other medical tests. Dua’s father, Mehdi Ali Kazmi challenged the earlier report provided to the court and asked for another investigation. The results are as followed:

  • On the basis of physical examination — 14-15 years
  •  On the basis of dentition evaluation and OPG examination — 13-15 years
  •  On the basis of epiphyseal closure assessed through radiological examination — 16-17

According to the results, the documents provided by her parents have proven true. The court will hold a hearing on 7th July and give its verdict on the issue. We got to wait for the legal decision to see what happens next.

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