Dr Waleed Malik Biography | One Who Bagged 29 Gold Medals

BiographyDr Waleed Malik Biography | One Who Bagged 29 Gold Medals

Dr Waleed Malik biography

Pakistan is full of talented individuals who need an opportunity to grow. They can prove themselves in all walks of life. It is hard to stand out but requires hard work that never goes wasted. One example is of Dr Waleed Malik who has bagged 29 gold medals in medical for his hard work. Read on to know more about Dr Waleed Malik biography.


Dr Waleed Malik Biography

Dr Waleed Malik is a 24 years old young MBBS graduate. He is the youngest of six siblings. His father is a chartered accountant and his mother is a homemaker. They both have been very appreciative towards their children’s education. Dr Waleed Malik is a Hafiz-e-Quran. he completed the memorization of the Quran in one and a half years.

Moreover, he did not just complete his Hifz, he topped it from Jamia Ashrafia at the age of thirteen. He also revealed in an interview that he leads the Taraweeh prayer during Ramadan.

Dr Waleed Malik biography

Dr Malik studied MBBS at Ameer-ud-Din Medical College, Lahore. After completing five years of the degree, he bagged twenty-nine medals for his dedicated struggle. Out of those twenty-nine medals, twenty-seven are gold medals. He was awarded these medals in an award ceremony held at Aiwan-e-Iqbal. Dr, Yasmeen Rashid, Minister of Health Punjab awarded him with all these medals in an honourable way.

Appreciation From The Public

Dr Waleed Malik biography

People, all over the internet, are praising his taxing efforts. Waleed has been on various tv shows for interviews. Juggun Kazim, Sohail Waraich, and Nida Yasir have invited him to their shows. In an interview, Waleed revealed that he chose the field of medical to fulfil the wish of his parents who wanted to see him become a successful doctor.

Upon asking, he talked about his study routine. He said that he studies 18 hours a day when exams are near. However, his routine remains light during the beginning of the year. It is important to note that it requires 85% result to be eligible for the gold medal. Moreover, it is extremely difficult to study medicine and that too as a topper. He has struggled in all his efforts into achieving the recognition that he is gaining now.

Dr Waleed said that he faced difficulty at the beginning of the degree but consistent hard work made him habitual of it. He also shared that he would take a light diet and a lot of tea to study. Waleed shared that he would also not mind sacrificing his sleep over studying.

All this dedication and determination to fulfil the dreams of his parents gave him all the appreciation. Along with appreciation, he has also become a proud presenter of Pakistan who achieved 27 Gold medals in MBBS. His achievement came out at the time when a viral dance girl was getting fame in Pakistan. People showed bundles of praise for him to be the deserving youth of the country.

An Inspiration For Youth

Dr Waleed Malik biography is truly inspiring for people who are struggling in their studies. He is a motivation to work hard which results in great appreciation and recognition worldwide. His story also demonstrated that real struggle does not come overnight. One has to struggle consistently to achieve goals.

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