Dr Tahir-Ul Qadri announces to quit politics

LAHORE, Pakistan: The Chief of Pakistan Awami Tehreek (PAT) Dr Tahir-Ul Qadri has announced to quit politics.

Dr Tahir-Ul Qadri announced his decision while addressing a Press Conference via a video link on Saturday, saying that he has been suffering from health issues and also his hectic life of publishing books doesn’t let him to carry on political activities.

Tahir-Ul Qadri also isolated himself from political affairs of PAT, and handed over all the power to the Supreme Council.

The PAT Chief said that they played a pivotal role in raising public awareness against corruption. He said that unfortunately there is nothing left in Pakistani politics for needy and middle-class people as most of the lawmakers aim at to seal power only.

Tahir-Ul Qadri said that the accountability process began in the Country as a result of their movement. He questioned where is that change of which promises were made to the people.