Dr Shireen Mazari underlines developing community of powers to counter US sanctions


ISLAMABAD, Pakistan: The Human Rights Minister Dr Shireen M Mazari has said that we should move forward to develop a community of powers than just have an economic bloc, adding that if China and Russia come into our cooperative framework, then the United States unilaterally imposed sanctions can be countered.

While addressing the inaugural session of the seminar titled “Strategic Economic Bloc of Golden Ring Countries for Regional Peace and Economic Security” organized by GREF at Pakistan Institute for Parliamentary Services (PIPS) in Islamabad on Tuesday, Shireen Mazari said that one of the problems which we are confronting right now is the US sanctions on Iran.

Dr Shireen Mazari pointed out that unlike previous sanctions theses US sanctions on Iran have no real bases in international law. She said that these unilateral sanctions imposed by super power after its departure from a nuclear deal, JCPOA. She said that these sanctions have no international legal backing but have the backing of a super power.

The minister said that if China and Russia come into our cooperative framework, then I see no reason, why the US unilaterally imposed sanctions cannot be countered. She said that it is the right time to move towards creating a sense of community of power because the political motivation is strong right now, with the strong political motivation we can move forward to create an economic bloc. She said that with the One Belt One Road Initiative, skeletal infrastructure has already been created, CPEC is an example of it, she added.

The human rights minister further said that Russia is now re defining itself and hoped that Russia will come forward and play its due role. She said that we don’t want to see just transactional relationship but to move forward and develop a community of powers, where you have sense of community and cooperate in areas beyond the economic issue areas.

Dr Mazari said that because some countries have economic powers and some have military powers to support that community so you become a strong strategic organization or bloc. She said that, let us have a wider vision than just an economic bloc and move forward eventually having this vision of developing a community of powers, which is much needed.

Dr Shireen Mazari said that Prime Minister Imran Khan during his recent visit to Iran, categorically stated that in the long run we see it a strategic partnership emerging between Iran, Turkey and Pakistan and we have the history also of RCD. She said with the One Belt and One Road initiative, China now becomes an integral part of any sort of cooperative framework that we may envisage in our region.

The minister said that the European Union (EU) primarily as an economic bloc but in fact the European coal and steel community which in the Room Treaty was the origins of the EU began because of political compulsions. She said that actually it is the political compulsion that pushes countries to form economic blocs. Dr Mazari said that EU is only the organization which we can call it a supernatural body emerged opposed to World War II. She added that when member countries give up their sovereignty in different issue areas that laws they have formed take precedent over their national laws and countries have to re adjust their laws in accordance with the laws that EU passes.

While talking about the Golden Ring Economic Bloc, she suggested that we look it more as I have always referred to as community of power. Cooperation between countries can be open and much wider, she added.

Dr Mazari said that wider and more substantive long term community of power can be created and this is a potential that we have now for creating it and hoped that beyond debate we will start to involve decision makers into moving towards this objective.

Besides, Majar General (retd) Anis Ahmad Bajwa, the Chairman GREF Hasnain Reza Mirza, the President GREF Zafarullah Khan, the Executive Director of PIPS and others also spoke on the occasion.

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