Download top national songs on Pakistan Independence Day 14 August


Download top national songs on Pakistan Independence Day 14 August

Psychologists believe that patriotic songs are the best means to promote love for country among children and to enhance true value of Independence.

Patriotism in an inevitable quality that every individual should have for his country and it is important for the prosperity of the country.

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Top patriotic songs on Pakistan Independence Day 14 August

It is very unfortunate that most of the kids in Pakistan are unaware of the importance of Independence Day. Most of the parents talk about the independence and history of freedom without realizing that kids are too young to understand these things. The best way to teach the importance of independence and implant the feeling of patriotism in your kids is to make them learn patriotic songs for kids.

Most of the children love to sing songs and learn rhymes. Patriotic songs and rhymes can be easily embedded in their

14 August is Independence Day of Pakistan and this day must be celebrated to listen and sing patriotic songs. In past, Pakistan had wonderful singers, writers, composers and poets who had been producing exceptional and all time popular national songs. Singers include Mehdi Hassan, Madam Nur Jehan, Masood Rana, Shehnaz Begum, Nayyara Nur, Habib Wali Mohammad, Naheed Akhtar, Mehdi Zaheer, Ahmed Rushdi, Ustad Amanat Ali Khan, Mohammad Ali Shyhaki, Amjad Hussain, Naseem Begum, Inayat Hussain Bhatti,  Alamgir and Allan Faqir produced songs that ate still popular in Pakistan.

“Hum Zinda Qaum Hain” was produced in 1973. “Jeevay Jeevay Pakistan” was sung by Shahnaz Begum  in 1974. Aye Watan Pyare Watan” was sung by Ustad Amanat Ali Khan in 1965. Aye Watan Key Sajiley Jawanoo” was sung by Noor Jehan in 1965. “Chand Meri Zameen” was another blockbuster sung by Ustad Amanat Ali Khan in 1965. “Yeh Watan Tumhara Hai” was sung by Mehdi Hassan in 1962. “Sohni Dharti” was first sung by Habib Wali Mohammad and then it was also sung by Shahnaz Begum in 1973. “Hum Mastafavi Hain” was sung by Mehdi Zaheer in 1974.


Ai watan kay

Chand meri zameen

Hamara percham

Jeevay Jeevay Pakistan

Hum Mustafavi Hein

Yeh watan tumahra hai

Khayal Rakhna

Is Percham Kay Saiy Talay Hum Aik Hain


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