Download “Paigham-e-Pakistan” – Pakistan’s counter-terrorism narrative

Pakistan launches its counter-terrorism narrative, calls suicide attacks 'haram'
President Mamnoon Hussain launched “Paigham-e-Pakistan” narrative

The Pakistani government on January 16, 2018 launched the national narrative on extremism and terrorism titled “Paigham-e-Pakistan”, rejecting terrorism, extremism, sectarian hatred and use of force to impose Shariah in the Country.


The narrative comprised a 22-point Fatwa (religious decree), and it was inked by over 1800 religious scholars of all schools of thought hailing from across the Country.

Download; Paigham-e-Pakistan (Urdu PDF File)

The narrative declared Jihad (Islamic Holy War) as the prerogative of the State only and called suicide attacks ‘haram’ (forbidden) in the light of Holy Quran and Sunnah.

“Those, who are conducting, facilitating, financing and promoting such heinous acts (such as suicide attacks), are rebels and the State of Pakistan has legitimate authority to take all possible measures against them,” according to the document.

“Such initiatives (declaring Jihad involving physical combat and waging war) of an individual or group shall be deemed interference in the State authority, and such actions shall be considered as acts of rebellion against the State and according to Islamic teachings is a heinous crime punishable under ta’zir,” the document further declared.

The narrative also pointed out that sectarian hatred, armed sectarian conflict and imposing one’s ideology on others by force is in clear violation of the injunctions of the Shariah and are a “disorder on earth”.

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