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Hey, do you want to download Google Sans font? No worries, read this whole tutorial to download this font successfully.

Download Google Sans fontGoogle Sans font Vs Product Sans font


These both belong to the family of Sans Serif fonts. Are they both same? No, but both fonts are quite similar to each other! Product Sans is the commercial version of Google Sans. It is optimized for use at a wider range of sizes. Whereas, Google Sans was designed for use as Google’s logo.

Just to be on a safe side before purchasing Product Sans, you should testGoogle Sans font.

How To Download Google Sans Font?

Sixtype of Google Sans font styles are included in the zip file (given below).

  • GoogleSans-ttf
  • GoogleSans-ttf
  • GoogleSans-ttf
  • GoogleSans-ttf
  • GoogleSans-ttf
  • GoogleSans-ttf

Google Sans fontBonus

All fonts are in “.ttf” format. It means they are compatible with a wide variety of systems.

You just have to follow these simple steps to download Google Sans font on your phone or computer.

  1. Download Zip file is given below.
  2. Extract that Zip file.
  3. Now, each font file has been extracted, right?
  4. Individually install each font on your computer or phone.
  5. Done!

Do you like the Google Sans font? Let us know in the comments section below.

Download Zip file

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