Download ePay Punjab App to pay taxes, fees and levies online

The ePay Punjab App developed by the Punjab Information Technology Board (PITB) has so far been extremely successful as a number of people have reposed their trust in it by transacting more than Rs 500 million in just first 100 days of the app’s launch.

The app was launched in October 2019 enabling citizens to pay their taxes and levies online without getting into inconvenient or irritating situation e.g. walking off their houses in an unfavorable situation i.e rain or severe hold/cold weather or standing in long queues to pay their dues etc.

Download the ePay Punjab App:



Download ePay Punjab App to pay taxes, fees and levies online

Using ePay Punjab, dues can be paid through the following four payment channels;

  • Mobile Banking
  • Internet Banking
  • ATM
  • OTC (Over the Counter) banking transaction


Currently, following tax receipts can be paid via ePay Punjab;

Excise & Taxation

  • Token Tax for Vehicle
  • Motor Vehicle Registration
  • Vehicle Transfer
  • Property Tax
  • Professional Tax
  • Cotton fee

Board of Revenue (BOR)

  • e Stamping
  • Mutation fee
  • Fard fee

Punjab Revenue Authority (PRA)

  • Sales Tax on Services
  • Punjab Infrastructural Development Cess


  • Business Registration fee

Transport Department of Punjab

  • Route Permit

Tax Descriptions

Token Tax for Vehicle: Annual tax paid by owners of motor vehicles.

Motor Vehicle Registration: One-time fee paid by the buyer of new vehicle at the time of purchase.

Vehicle Transfer: Fee paid at the time of transfer of vehicle to a new owner.

Property Tax: Annual tax paid by property owners in urban areas.

Professional Tax: Taxes paid by the working professional on his profession on an annual basis.

Cotton Fee: Fee paid on raw cotton brought to ginning factory.

e-Stamping: Payment of stamp duties on judicial, non-judicial, CVT, registration and comparison fee.

Mutation Fee: Fee paid by the buyer at the time of transfer of property to a new owner.

Fard Fee: Fee paid by the owner of property for the issuance of property ownership document.

Sales Tax on Services: Taxes levied on service oriented business in the province of Punjab

Punjab Infrastructural Development Cess: Levy collected on transportation of goods manufactured, produced or consumed in, imported into or exported out of the Punjab.

Business Registration Fee: Fee paid by the owner to register his business.

Route Permit: Fees paid by owners of commercial vehicles for allotment/permission of specific routes for inter / intra city travel