Doctors, paramedics strike irks patients coming for treatment in PIMS

Doctors, paramedics strike irks patients coming for treatment in PIMS
By Mamoona Arif

ISLAMABAD, Pakistan: Doctors and paramedics staff from Pakistan institute for Medical Science (PIMS) was on strike and patient coming in hospital was annoyed by closure of different sections of the hospital including Outdoor Patients Department (OPD) to facilitate patients.
Patients from different far-flung areas of twin’s cities of Islamabad and Rawalpindi was in deep in deep trouble and faced painful situation, when they reached hospital for treatment early in the morning here on Tuesday.
Mother of a six years old patient who came for treatment of hepatitis ’C’ from Fateh jang while talking to DND news said that

Doctors, paramedics strike irks patients coming for treatment in PIMS

“we are facing critical situation no doctor and paramedic staff here to provide us vaccination for the treatment “.
She said earlier her son completed three course of vaccination and for remaining vaccination course, “we are came here in  hot weather  from long distance of 60km after facing the severe circumstances because of this strike”.
She was of the view that lack of financial resources can not allow her to stay here in Islamabad for a day as doctors were on strike and she had to wait for another day for treatment of her son.
An old women , who came from surrounding area of Rawalpindi also suffered from this situation said that his eleven years son Ahtisham had suffered from an accident and got injuries on both legs but there was noone in hospital to treat him.
She said that with his son they have been passing previous night in open under the sky in a ground in front of the hospital to get treatment for my son earlier in the morning but again today we are facing the same circumstances.
According to record maintained by the hospital in this year, around 10,000 patients daily registered for the treatment of different diseases and at the same day of strike around 7,000 patients facing the critical situation and go back to their homes without getting treatment .
While talking to the DND news agency Chairman PIMS  said that doctors were struggling for the rights of employees of the hospital as well as for enhancing the medical facilities for poor patients came in hospital fro for flung areas of Islamabad and all over the country.
He said that doctors were against the unification of a hospital and medical university because after this treatment for the poor patients would become more expensive and unaffordable, adding that currently 60 percent patients were getting free treatment from the hospital.
On the occasion chairman joint action committee, another group expressed his opinion and opposing the strike said that they have no majority to represent the whole employees of the hospital.
He added that, we believe on humanity and not to start any demonstration on the expense of negligence for patient treatment and not agreed on the way they adopting for struggle

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