Death of an Airline: Dobrolet airline suspended its operation

Dobrolet suspended its operation


Dobrolet airline suspended its operation

Moscow, Russia: Dobrolet suspended its operation as a result of economic sanctions imposed by European Union and United States. Dobrolet started operations as a budget airline in May 2014 for providing cheaper airfare to tourists and people of Russia Crimea. Since independence of Crimea is not approved by the European Union and United States, therefore any airline flying to Crimea came under Tier 3 sanctions clamped by the EU and US. Dobrolet is owned by Aeroflot that has decided to seized operation of Dobrolet.

“From August 4, due to “unprecedented pressure on Dobrolet from European counterparts, the carrier is forced to stop flights and ticket sales,” Aeroflot said in a statement released on Sunday. Passengers with tickets will be transferred to Orenburg Airlines, a domestic Aeroflot subsidiary or fully refunded, the statement says.

According to the airline, EU economic sanctions forced several European associates to cancel lease agreements, aircraft maintenance and insurance, and aviation information contracts. The biggest blow was the cancellation of a leasing deal for two Boeing 737-800 airliners.

The US and EU do not recognize Crimea’s reunification with Russia, and sanctions are aimed at companies that have investment and trade connections with Crimea.

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