DND Thought Center

DND Thought Center

The Thought Center is an Analytical Wing of DND News Agency that provides Strategic and Methodical Solutions through Public Diplomacy.


Established in February 2021 for providing a Database of analytical and critical content about Central Asia, Eastern Europe, and South Asia, the Thought Center offers linkages among researchers, academia, decision-makers, and parliamentarians of South Asia, Central Asia, and Eastern Europe. Our Slogan is———Get Connected.

Thought Center is an independent Information hub based in Islamabad Pakistan that operates under the umbrella of DND News Agency. It carries out its work with researchers and analysts who are Master’s and Ph.D. students, Ph.D. Candidates and holders of doctoral degrees, administrative personnel, and seasoned diplomats.

DND is an internationally award-winning News Agency, accredited and certified by the Ministry of Information and Broadcasting, Government of Pakistan for distributing news in Russian and English. Moving from conventional News Agency to Online News Agency in February 2012 DND launched Russian Online Radio on August 14, 2018.

Our Mission

Thought Center aims to provide researchers, scholars, journalists, policymakers, and the broader community with comprehensive and in-depth perspectives about Public Diplomacy in South Asia, Central Asia, and Eastern Europe which are strategically important to Pakistan and to its Foreign Policy.

Thought Center also seeks to contribute to the understanding of challenges and opportunities that Pakistan faces within the changing global geopolitical context. The geopolitical position of Pakistan requires utmost attention and vigilance to the developments in the Eurasian region.

Thought Center attributes particular attention to Eurasian countries and within this framework, Thought Center has a special interest in Public Diplomacy.

Our Vision

Thought Center envisions building a network of scholars and experts in the Eurasian region to facilitate intellectual interchanges and cooperation. Pursuing this vision, Thought Center collaborates with national and international governmental and non-governmental organizations, independent policy institutions and universities, and aims to enhance those partnerships.

What We Do

Thought Center seeks to publish books and reports based on original research, conference proceedings, and policy briefs both in print and electronic format. It seeks to organize national and international conferences and workshops on Public Diplomacy in the Eurasian region. Thought Center prepares bulletins with news, commentaries, and analyses covering the evolving new Eurasia on its website and distributes it via email.

Research-based Content Database

Thought Center DATA Base offers analytical writings and articles about critical issues of Central Asia, Eastern Europe, and South Asia published from February 2020 to February 2021 for ready reference of researchers, academia, decision-makers, students, and the public in general.

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Membership Rules

  • DND Privacy Policy is clear that the Information and names of members shall not be published.
  • Members should fulfill the following requirements:
  • Minimum qualification in respective field is Master Degree or 16 years in educational Institutions or 20 years experience in respective fields for Practitioners.
  • Believing that all human are equal irrespective of their gender, religion, caste, creed, colour etc
  • Active at a high level in their respective field in the last 5 years.
  • Committed to capacity-building: willingness to review proposals, participate in Ph.D. workshops, Seminars, Discussions, and Forums
    Member can be of any age above than 20 years belonging to any country of the world.

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