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Kehkishan Syed is a Self Help trainer and Reiki Master at her own Institute DimensionX-WaysOfWellness . She is in the field for last 10 years. She knows different kind of Energy hearings and has taught online Throughout the globe.

By Kehkishan Syed

The current Coronavirus throughout the globe has put many minds to ask questions. Many are looking for the reasons and factors that has brought the world to this stage.

When I started pondering at the situation the first question that I asked myself over the argument that the virus was spread due to wild animal eating by Chinese. Very next moment a thought replaced the argument they have been doing this since centuries and this not any new phenomenon so why sudden break out in a central city of china thought to be the economic hub of the country.

Later the whole world is facing the challenge. Surprising part is the whole world media is reporting only virus positive cases and death tolls.

Not a single media is coming up with success stories or views from the survivors. Even if we find few they talk about self isolation and means through which it is spreading. No one revealed how the one fought with it. I had posted on my social media a personal story how she treated her husband at home.

The good part of the event every one is acknowledging the globe is being healed ,Ozone layer is repaired. The lesson in this whole event is quite valuable that environments can be healed if the authority’s /government take measures and action to change the life style for future based on the following facts.

Lot of arguments is going on amongst the thinkers about the reality of this fear based ailment . We don’t know if a reality or myth. Without getting engaged there before the time reveals us the truth lets see how can we benefit the lessons this few days has taught us as a nation

  1. We consume hell lot of bio fuels unnecessarily burdening our economy. So most of the organization can promote work from home
  2. We can build hospitals within days and have enough funds to run them.
    3. We can spend Billions of Rs on poor without red tape and it’s the time to update our data on NADRA for disaster management (should have been done after 2005 EQ)
    4. We can survive vacations without trips to Europe and USA our own country is as beautiful as any other.
    5. Our family system is still intact. we should bring improvements
  3. Schools are over burdening our kids with bullshits. So once or twice a week schooling rest project based form home education with complete new concepts of creativity instead of memory test. Will also help kids to carry heavy school bags.

4. Money is abundant if we use it wisely. So do the time we can manage well. For markets to open early and close timely.
5. Prisoners in jails for petty crimes can be released. Or jail system can be revised prison is not human. Criminals can be monitored through chip cards allowing to work in industries or construction sector to learn living normal.

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