Dispatch News Desk condemns threats to journalists including Talet Hussain

Dispatch News Desk condemns life threats to journalists including Talet Hussain

Islamabad: Dispatch News Desk condemns threats to journalists including Talet Hussain. Senior journalist, current affairs analyst and columnist Syed Talat Hussain has been received life threat allegedly by leadership of Pakistan Tehrik-i-InSaaf (PTI). Talat Hussain said that reason cited in threats is his analysis of the situation and PTI’s policy.

Dispatch News Desk condemns such constant harassment of journalists by PTI workers and leadership. PTI workers trashed reporters of Geo News and also misbehaved with Dispatch News Desk (www.dnd.com.pk) reporter while he was covering protests outside Parliament House. This event was reported to Pakistan Federal Union of Journalists (PFUJ) by Dispatch News Desk.

Dispatch News Desk (DND) believes that some forces wish to make Pakistan like Iraq, Syria and Libya where there is no role of law and countries are run by terrorists because State elements including Judiciary, Parliament, Administrative structure and the Army were systematically destroyed by forces who started Revolutions and Jihads. Senior journalist and Special Correspondent of Dispatch News desk Agha Iqrar Haroon said that government is not taking any action of hate speeches, act of intimidation  for violence and abatement for scraping parliament, Judiciary and the State writ by speakers present in PTI and PA protests and PTI Chief is in rage and can do anything against any institution of the society and the State including media. He said that Azaz Syed of Geo News was trashed along with a lady reporter but no action has been taken against those who trashed them by the government so far.

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Talat Hussian shared threats to his friends via twitter on Tuesday. He said:


He also shared telephone numbers from where he is receiving threats:



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