Digital Pakistan Policy 2021 Roundtable Sessions kicked off in Lahore

LAHORE, Pakistan: The Ministry of IT & Telecommunication has initiated the development process on the Digital Pakistan 2021 Policy.


The policy will also serve as the foundation for the construction of a holistic digital ecosystem with advanced concepts and components for the rapid delivery of next-generation digital services, applications, and content.

It will serve as an aggregator of demand for innovative digital services and as a supplier of data for value-added services and applications.

The Member IT of the Ministry of IT & Telecom Syed Junaid Imam kicked off the Digital Pakistan Policy 2021 Roundtable Sessions in Lahore on Wednesday.

The Consultations Sessions with all the relevant stakeholders will also be held in Karachi and Islamabad and would include a broad cross-section of Pakistan’s ICT Industry. 

In his message to the participating stakeholders, the Federal Minister for IT Syed Amin Ul Haque said “Pakistan is on the verge of the digital revolution as we see progress happening in the country on daily basis. The Ministry of IT & Telecom has envisioned digital transformation as a source of empowering citizens and bringing prosperity to unnourished segments of society. We believe that to capitalize on this enormous opportunity, the Ministry of IT & Telecom will take all the stakeholders on board for Digital Pakistan Policy 2021, be it the Industry, International Investors or other governmental policy arms.”

The Digital Pakistan Policy 2021 is being developed through an all-inclusive approach. The development of the digital policy is a big leap forward as it is intended to address the bottlenecks that prevent a higher level of ICT adoption in Pakistan.

The Secretary IT Shoaib Ahmad Siddiqui in his message said “The Ministry of IT & Telecom is National policy lead when it comes to digital transformation initiatives. By engaging all the industry and academia partners, we are revising Digital Pakistan Policy 2018 to re-evaluate and re-align ourselves for the right IT growth direction in the Country. We are looking forward for valuable input from all the stakeholders to ensure an inclusive policy development process.”

Earlier in his opening address, the Member IT of Ministry of IT & Telecom Syed Junaid Imam said “Digital Pakistan is for citizen empowerment and economic prosperity of Pakistan. Digital Pakistan is not for the ICT sector only but for all the Citizens of Pakistan. Providing access to information, improving skills, promoting innovation & business, supporting IT and Tech companies for the growth of export, and enabling financial inclusion & e-commerce are all part of Digital Pakistan’s vision. Ensuring privacy & security in cyberspace and public-private partnership are essential for digital transformation. At the IT Ministry, we firmly believe in inclusive decision making and making policies for facilitating business.”

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