Dhaka Factory collapsed incident: Two western retailers promise to compensate families of dead workers


DHAKA: Only two Western retailers out of 12 have promised to compensate families of garment workers who were killed while making their clothes in a Bangladesh factory building that collapsed on April 28, 2013. At least 377 people were killed in this disaster.

Factories in the building employed 3,122 workers and one garment industry was the third-largest in the world in 2011, after China and Italy. Garment makers in the building were Phantom Apparels, Phantom Tac, Ether Tex, New Wave Style and New Wave Bottoms. Altogether, they produced several million shirts, pants and other garments a year. Primark confirmed that it was using factory in Rana Plaza—the building that collapsed. Wal-Mart claimed none of its clothing had been authorized to be made in the facility, but it is investigating whether there was any unauthorized production.