DG ISPR’s presser a pack of lies, full of contradictions, venomous, devoid of logic: PTI

PoliticsDG ISPR’s presser a pack of lies, full of contradictions, venomous, devoid...
  • Refreshes demands of judicial commission to bring May 9 incidents’ planners, perpetrators to book
  • Naeem asks what action taken against Khan’s abductors
  • London Plan still underway as Nawaz, his children, Zardari exonerated: Intizar

ISLAMABAD, Pakistan: Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) reiterated its demand to constitute an empowered judicial commission to probe the May 9 incidents and all the stolen evidences including CCTV footages should be presented before the commission so as to bring the orchestrators, perpetrators and facilitators of May 9 false-flag operation to justice.

The May 9 False Flag Operation was a well-planned conspiracy aimed at dismantling PTI that has been clearly rejected by the public on February 8, 2024 general elections because you cannot fool all the people all the time.


Addressing a press conference along with PTI senior lawyers Intazar Hussain Panjutha Naeem Haider Panjutha, PTI Central Information Secretary Raoof Hasan called the DG ISPR venomous presser a pack of lies, full of contradictions and frustration and what he said would harm the relations between state and people.DG ISPR’s presser a pack of lies, full of contradictions, venomous, devoid of logic: PTI

Raoof raised a question as what’s are the factors propelling him to address such an irrational, illogical and venomous press conference to target the country’s biggest political force of the country.

PTI CIS said that DG ISPR claimed that there was no threat to democracy; however, he should bear in mind that there no democracy in the country so how he talked about the threats as there was a personal dictatorship in Pakistan.

The party spokesperson claimed that multiple attempts were made to target PTI. “However, as time passes and their frustration increases, there has been an increase in the intensity and venom targeting the PTI,” he added.

He stated that DG ISPR eventually showed willingness that a judicial commission be constituted to probe May 9 incidents but attached certain conditions.

Raoof asserted that the judicial commission must be constituted as PTI had been demanding since last one year but not subservient to the military so as the nation could know the truth whether PTI is a responsible for the tragic May 9 incident or those who are accusing PTI.

He went on to say that PTI openly challenged DG ISPR’s all assertions and they should present all the evidences related May 9 and we would present our proof in this regard before the judicial commission to establish as who and why the May 9 incidents occurred.

Raoof stated that the judicial commission should investigate the 2014 sit-in but PTI demanded that the commission should extend its scope to hold a transparent probe into May 9 incidents, regime change conspiracy, stolen mandate through blatant poll rigging on February 8, assassination attempt on PTI Founding Chairman Imran Khan, Cipher conspiracy, Audio / Video leaks, enforced disappearances, forced divorces along with the worst political engineering in the country to dismantle PTI.

PTI CIS emphasized that the judicial commission should be constituted now to bring the actual culprits of May incidents before the nation so as they could not hold a press conference against PTI after every two months.

However, Raoof raised a question that DG ISPR was claiming that all the visuals of May 9 incidents were captured by the eye of the camera, but contrary to his claim all CCTV footage relating to Imran Khan’s arrest and corps commander house and others were disappeared seemingly to cover the crime.

He further demanded that all the past commission reports should be implanted in their true letter and spirit.

About DG ISPR’s attempt to distort facts regarding election results that PTI has only 7% of the popular vote, Raoof stated: “There is a limit to lies!”, adding that PTI is the country’s largest political party, having representation in every province of the country with over 170 national assembly seats.

PTI CIS stated that political parties fraudulently imposed on the nation would not gather 2000 people but if PTI was allowed it would gather over 2 lac people within no time.

“Let’s see if the public is with them or with the person who has been unjustly imprisoned in Adiala for a year,” he added.

He said that a person said that PTI was a terrorist group, will the nation believe that PTI is a terrorist group, adding that not PTI but those who hijacked the election, blocked Twitter and unleashed a reign of terror for the past two years were responsible for spreading chaos and anarchy in the country.

Raoof made it clear that PTI could not dismantle as all such attempts fell fate, adding that PTI would continue its just peaceful struggle for restoration of genuine democracy, supremacy of constitution and upholding rule of law in the country despite facing all reign of terror and implicating PTI Founding Chairman, his spouse and all top leaders and workers in false, fabricated and politically motivated cases.

Lashing out at CJP, PTI CIS stated that the chief justice should have summoned judicial convention over spy agencies officials meddling in the affairs of the judiciary, wherein all judges could be heard in detail.

He blasted CJP for his comments regarding Commissioner Rawalpindi and said how he established that commissioner was telling lies about polls rigging when no investigation was held on his allegations, who was disappeared after his bombshell revelations about polls fraud.

Speaking on the occasion, Intazar Panjutha said that PTI had always remained a peaceful party during its 28 years of political struggle and there was not a single incident of PTI on record which established a link to their dangerous intentions.

He said that Imran Khan demanded that a commission be formed on May 9, which should first probe the point that on whose order the most popular leader of the country was abducted from the IHC and who stole the CCTV footage.

Intizar said that Khan said that May 9 was actually a day of oppression against PTI, as he was abducted, his workers were shot but even the families of martyred were denied the right to lodge FIRs.

He said that London plan was still underway as Nawaz Sharif, his daughter and sons and Asif Ali Zardari were exonerated in Thoshakhana case while another case was planning to file a case against Imran Khan in Toshakhana case.

Speaking on the occasion Naeem Panjutha said that whoever stole the CCTV footage of May 9 whether it was from the IHC or from the Corps Commander House, was responsible for the tragic incident.

He stated that PTI Founding Chairman was abducted by breaking the windows of the IHC but what action was taken against the abductors.

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