Deutsche Welle further exposes lies of Imran Khan

MediaDeutsche Welle further exposes lies of Imran Khan

Monitoring Desk: The lies of former Prime Minister and Chairman PTI Imran Khan were ruthlessly exposed in an interview he gave to the world-renowned interviewer and journalist Tim Sebastian on July 14, 2023, that was broadcast on July 15, 2023. 

In Deutsche Welle’s show “Conflict Zone”, Tim Sebastian successfully established that the politics of Imran Khan is based on violence. Tim Sebastian threw a volley of questions related to Khan’s politics since 2014 and asked him why Imran Khan always instigated his followers to violence and always avoided following the democratic path and always refused to sit in opposition benches.

The two blatant lies that instantly exposed in this interview were that Khan never directed to do something to his followers that is /was against the constitution of Pakistan and the second lie was that he had no contact with the outer world when he was arrested and residing in Islamabad police Lines guest House.

The interviewer reminded Imran Khan that his charged mob ransacked outside the Parliament building, resulting in the death of three persons. It must be remembered further that Imran Khan on August 18, 2014, while addressing outside Parliament directed his followers to “Civil disobedience” as well as floating the international laws of transferring money from abroad to Pakistan. He directed his followers to burnt down utility bills, must not pay bills to the state of Pakistan, and transfer money to Pakistan from abroad through Hundi and Hawala—the two acts that have been announced as “financial crimes” by all international bodies including the United Nations.

Tim who is the pioneer of taking rough interviews of important politicians on television made Imran Khan virtually offended because Tim wanted clear answers to his questions while Khan was answering that had never been asked to him by Tim.

It may be remembered that Tim is a television journalist and novelist who moderates “Conflict Zone”  and “The New Arab Debates” broadcast on Deutsche Welle. He previously worked for the BBC, where he hosted The Doha Debates and was the first presenter of the BBC Show “HARDtalk”.

The second lie of Khan was that he did not know what was going on outside his guest House on May 9, 2023, because in a leaked audio he was talking to one of his party leader Musarat Cheema and he had telephone access during his stay in Islamabad Police Lines Guest House and he had confirmed that this audio leak is genuine and he had been talking to Musarat Cheema. Moreover, it was also in the news that Khan had access to his friends who came to meet him at Guest House so his statement that he did not know what had happened on May 9, 2023, because he was under arrest on that day is contrary to fact he had already accepted.

Deutsche Welle further exposes lies of Imran Khan
Deutsche Welle further exposes lies of Imran Khan

Tim also caught Khan behind the wicket on his stance over Taliban rule in Afghanistan and his statement that the Taliban had broken the shackles of slavery by defeating the US in Afghanistan.  Khan said that he did not mean it and his speech was in Urdu and he was misquoted. Tim said would he said that he did not mean that defeat of the US was as good as breaking the shackles of slavery. Khan answered that being the prime minister (at the time when he delivered the statement) was important domestically. By the middle of the interview, Khan had already become irritated with Tim’s questions and one can see his facial expressions. Tim ended his interview when Khan was totally bolded out over his statement in favor of the Taliban and did not give more time for twisting facts.

Tim also established that Khan said he was a champion of democracy but his tenure was otherwise and would be remembered for human rights abuses.

The interview can be watched to click this link

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