Details of basic requirements to get driving licence in Islamabad

Following are the basic requirements for processing and issuance of driving licences from Drivers Licencing Authority (DLA), National Highways and Motorway Police (NHMP), Islamabad:

(a) Documents to obtain learners driving permits:

  1. Original CNIC
  2. Photocopy of CNIC
  3. Blood group report
  4. Fee deposit receipt
  5. COVID-19 vaccination report
  6. Highway Codebook

(b) Age restrictions and other requirements for transport vehicles:

  • Light Transport Vehicles (LTV)

Minimum age – 21 Years


03 years old valid driving licence of M.Car

  • LTV-Public Service Vehicles (LTV-PSV)

01 year old valid driving licence of LTV

  • Heavy Transport Vehicles (HTV)

Minimum age – 24 Years


03 years old valid driving licence of LTV

  • HTV-Public Service Vehicles (HTV-PSV)

01 year old valid driving licence of HTV

(c) Theoretical and driving test:

The aspirant has to obtain learners driving permit after data entry and successfully qualifying a theoretical test comprising of 10 questions of road signs and 10 questions from traffic discipline. The aspirant has to answer 09 correct questions of road signs and 07 questions from traffic discipline. After issuance of learners driving permit, the aspirant has to obtain training from any authentic drivers training institute according to his/her convenience.

After completion of the learning period of 42-days, the aspirant has to appear in the practical driving test comprising of two parts.

The Part-I of the practical driving test is conducted in the theme park of DLA, NHMP, Islamabad which is based on vehicle maneuvering in front as well as reverse directions. After qualifying Part-I, the aspirant appears in the on-road driving capabilities test (Practical test Part-II).

In case any aspirant fails to qualify any test, he/she is requested to re-appear after 14 fourteen days in the same test. An aspirant can appear in the same test for a maximum of three times. If any aspirant fails to qualify a specific test, three times in a row, his case is re-initiated and he has to pay all the dues once again.

After successful qualification of Practical Test (Part-II), the aspirant is issued the Driving Licence card under the specific category of vehicle.

(d) Cancellation of driving licence:

Moreover, even after obtaining a license, if it comes to the knowledge of licensing authority that a license holder is a habitual drugs addict, then the licence authority has the power under section 14 of the Ordinance to cancel his license.

Furthermore, driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol is a major offense punishable under Section 68 of NHSO-2000 with imprisonment up to one month and a fine of Rs 5,000 to 10,000 or with both.


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