Details of basic facilities on Gwadar Sea Port

CPECDetails of basic facilities on Gwadar Sea Port

Construction and operationalization of Gwadar Sea Port

The construction of Gwadar Port was completed in 2004 and the operation of the Port was handed over initially to M/s. Port of Singapore Authority on BOT basis for a period of 40 years in February 2007. This agreement was transferred on February 18, 2013 and the Port was handed over to M/s. China Overseas Port Holding Company Limited (COPHCL), the term expires on 2047.

The 2283 acres area of Gwadar Free Zone land was handed over in 2015 to M/s. The Gwadar Free Zone Company Limited for establishment of Free Zone in 5 kilometers radius vicinity of the port.

Basic facilities including warehouses, roads, railway line, electricity and water available on Gwadar Port


There are four warehouses in GPA Business Complex, (4,000 Sq Meter each = 02 No. 2,000 Sq. Meter each =02), and COPHC’s 6,000 Sq Meter =01, excluding various warehouses of the Gwadar Free Zone Company Limited.


The access road of Gwadar Port i.e., 19 KM Eastbay Expressway (EBEW)’s completed in June 2022 which directly connects the Makran Coastal highway with Gwadar Port.

Railway Line:

The land for railway line is reserved along with EBEW from Coastal High Way to Gwadar Port, which needs to be constructed by Pakistan Railways.

Recently, EBEW has been inaugurated by the Honorable Prime Minister of Pakistan on June 03, 2022.


The total installed power generation capacity is 12.3 MW at Gwadar Port premises, with breakup of 4.5 & 7.8 HW power plant diesel / operational.


Two sea water desalination Plants with 0.1 MGD and 0.264 MGD output are functioning at Gwadar Port. Third 1.2 MGD water desalination plant is under construction which is expected to be completed by March 2023 and the total water production capacity will be enhanced to 1.564 MGD at Gwadar Port.


Note: The above information was shared with the Senate by the Minister for Maritime Affairs Syed Faisal Ali Subzwari on October 11, 2022.

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