Delhi Massacre: 140 Muslims still missing while 860 previously missing Muslims appeared to Civil Right organisations

DND Special Report on Delhi Massacre


Updated March 3, 2020:

Around 860 Muslims who were previously found missing have reported to Civil Rights organisations while 140 are still missing. Muslim youth mostly in under 40 of age reported to Right organizations and informed them that they left their areas in fear of being killed and now they have return to Delhi.

New Delhi, India: updates from Bleeding Delhi indicate that hundreds of cases of rapes of Muslim women are unreported while dead bodies of Muslims are still floating in sewer water in Delhi and over 4,000 Muslims are still missing while Police are not ready to register complaints for missing persons.

According to data collected by (which is still in process) Human Rights organisations indicates that 4,000 Muslims are still missing while Police are not ready to register complaints for missing persons.

Since Muslim community is still in shock and have no access to justice and Police protection, thousands of Hindus have been seen to come out to protect their Muslim neighbours in several vicinity of Delhi.

According to Rukmini Banerjee, a writer and Human Rights Activist, several dead bodies of Muslims have been found in a Nallah but Police have refused to take away dead bodies and register the report.

On Sunday, March 1, 2020 several Human Rights activists formed a team for gathering unreported incidents of Muslim carnage by the hands of BJP and RSS activists. While gathering preliminary information, it was found that there are hundreds of dead bodies of Muslims thrown in sewerage water and at solid waste dump yards but Police is denying the demand of Right activities to collect dead bodies to register the cases.

There are unconfirmed reports that several Muslims were buried alive by BJP and RSS backed hooligans. DND News Agency had received some videos in which a group of people are recovering fresh and composed dead bodies of Muslim children from ground while news cameramen are making the footage. However, DND is not sharing such videos for ethical purposes.

On such video in social media has a message from uploader as:

Sorry it’s painful but we have to spread it all over the world.



Human Right team also maintained that there are hundreds of cases of rapes of Muslim women those are unreported.


One team of activists comprising of Rukmini, Soumya, Shweta, Avichal and Parivartan went to Indra Vihar – Shiv Vihar, Chand Bagh and Mustafabad.

This team found absolute destruction, Shiv Vihar does not exist and several unidentified dead bodies of Muslim are in sewerage waterbodies.

This team have recoded statements of victims who are afraid of going to Police because Delhi Police have totally refused to help Muslims of Delhi.

Preliminary report indicates that displaced Muslims whose homes have been burnt down or demolished are taking shelters in neighbouring areas and Hindu Community have stood to protect Muslim families. These displaced Muslim families have lost everything under their burnt and demolished home and they do not have documents, no clothes, no house, no livelihoods, no ration and no relatives left to protect them.

Another team of Human Rights Activists comprising of Anuska, Chingkhei, Himanshi, Piyush and Nirjhar went to Kardampuri, Noor E Ilahi and Nehru Vihar. Kardampuri is running very low on ration and there is no local management for ration distribution and situation is very chaotic. Human Rights team was not allowed to enter Mustafabad (around 5:30pm), presumably by the police.

Other teams of activists went to Al Hind, Maujpur, Subhash Moholla and other places.

Preliminary report says:

The accounts we’re recording are horrific. The media is not showing 1/100th of ANYTHING that’s actually happening. Police are patrolling random areas to keep up the atmosphere of fear but at night (Chand Bagh first hand report), when the Muslim locals are begging for security forces in the lanes, there is no police personnel to protect them.

A message on social media from Sarika Ghosh stated as:

They (Muslim families) haven’t slept in weeks. Keep the supplies coming, this is about your humanity at this point I don’t even know what to tell you anymore.

Meanwhile, a report published by famous Indian journalist Burkha Datt stated that the marauding inhuman mobs unleashed on Delhi could not rob it of its core spirit!!

Numerous members of one community (Hindus) gave shelter and saved lives of members of the other community at great risk to themselves and their families.

Her report indicates that BJP and RSS have divided Hindus also and thousands of Hindus today stand with Muslim Community by forgetting religious divide and policy of BJP for dividing Indians over religious background has strongly backfired everywhere in India.

In a heart breaking message from Dr Sri Vastu from hospital says:

Here, in the chilly air of the morgue where the sharp smell of formaldehyde cuts through the odour of blood and the buzz of an overworked air conditioner drowns out the howls from without… they are finally equal.

On cold concrete slabs they lie… men of similar age. Shot, stabbed, bludgeoned, it doesn’t matter now. Sliced and sewn up after death, they lie in perfect harmony, unseeing eyes behind lifeless lids stare at the futility of it all, amidst the wails of the living.

Which God won? I don’t know. Do you?

It may be mentioned that on Friday, residents of Yamuna Vihar formed a human chain around a school to ensure that the school kids got to safety as riots burned around them, in the absence of Police while Gurudwaras across Delhi have opened up their homes to riot victims offering them shelter and food.

– In Seelampur, Dalit Community blocked the routes leading to Muslim localities and prevented rioters from getting there.

– In Ramesh Park area, Hindus and Sikhs got together and assured the Muslim locals that no harm will come to them.

– In Lalita Park area, Hindus and Sikhs went from door to door assuring the locals that they should not panic and they will be safe.

– In Old Mustafabad, the local Muslims stood guard around a Shiv Temple guarding it from the rioters.

– In Bajrangbali Mahulla in Maujpur, the Hindus took their Muslim brethren into a Hanuman Temple and kept them protected.

These and many more such incidents are happening across Delhi.

Hindus, Sikhs, Muslims are coming out to help everyone around them from the rioters.

They are showing exemplary courage in face of rioters who are hell bent on destroying the Unity of India.

In an article published on Sunday in thequint.com, famous journalist Sudheendra Kulkarni writes:

Is Indian society sitting on a volcano that could erupt someday in the near future, not in the same way, but in a way akin to what happened at the time of India’s partition in 1947?

It’s a scary thought. And no writer has the liberty to indulge in scare-mongering in addressing an issue that is highly sensitive to peace and cohesion in Indian society, India’s national unity and integrity, national security, and also our nation’s standing in the neighbourhood and the world.

But I am not scare-mongering.

Never since 1947 has India seen so much anti-Muslim hatred among Hindus, and such deep-rooted insecurity and fear among Muslims.

Indeed, there was far less anti-Muslim hatred among Hindus at the time of Partition because a vast majority of Hindus were supporters of the Congress-led independence movement, and Muslims who remained in India, felt secure under the leadership of Mahatma Gandhi and Jawaharlal Nehru.

Now, when the communal peace has been shattered in the national capital right under the nose of a complicit central government, when leaders and workers of the ruling party continue to mouth incendiary anti-Muslim slogans without any fear of being put behind bars, when not only the police but even the judiciary is dancing to the tune of the government, and when threats to peace are likely to get a lot worse in both intensity and geographical spread, it is our duty to ready all the political, social and intellectual resources necessary to prevent the coming catastrophe.

Knowing the degree of danger is the first step necessary to avert it.

A letter from Swami Ratna (a Local Guru of Delhi) in Hindi is translated in English by his followers and posted on social media says:

Let’s not fall prey to divisive narratives by asking which religion is doing what- it is not religions but criminals in Action.

Let’s start by asking what are We doing as humans to safe guard the innocents, their lives and the secular fabric of India.

When we fall for such divisive narratives we are doing a huge disservice to those people who are taking great risks upon themselves to save lives of others.

These riots have nothing to do with Hindus and Muslims or Gita and Koran. On one side there are divisive communal forces who want to exploit the diversity of religion in India and split it even further.

We all need to pick one of these two sides instead of sitting on the fence asking questions about who is doing what.

I know which side I have chosen. I stand firmly with religion and sees all religions as equal.

What side are you going to choose?

When you see someone suffering, don’t ask what his or her religion is or what your religion is….. Help them….your prime religion has to be humanity.

Meanwhile, famous writer and Human Rights activist, Arundhati Roy addressed a gathering at Jantar Mantar in Delhi on Sunday and said as reported by scroll.in:

This place where we are gathered today is only a short bus ride away from where four days ago a fascist mob, fired up by speeches made by members of the Ruling Party, backed up and actively assisted by the police, assured of round the clock support by a vast section of the electronic mass media, and comforted by the belief that the courts would do nothing to come in their way – mounted an armed, murderous attack on Muslims in the working class colonies of North East Delhi.

The attack had been in the air for a while, so people were somewhat prepared, and so defended themselves. Markets, shops, homes, mosques and vehicles have been burnt down. The streets are full of stones and debris. The hospitals are full of the wounded and dying. The morgues are full of the dead. Both Muslim and Hindu, including a policeman and a young staffer of the Intelligence Bureau. Yes. People on both sides have shown themselves capable of horrifying brutality as well as unbelievable courage and kindness.

However, there can be no equivalence here. None of this alters the fact that the attack was begun by lumpen mobs chanting “Jai Shri Ram” backed by the apparatus of this now nakedly fascist state. Notwithstanding these slogans, this is not what people like to label a Hindu-Muslim “riot”. It is a manifestation of the ongoing battle between fascists and anti-fascists – in which Muslims are the first among the Fascists’ “enemies”. To call it a riot or a “danga”, or “Left” versus “Right” or even “Right” versus “Wrong” as many are doing, is dangerous and obfuscatory.

We have all seen the videos of the police standing by and sometimes participating in the arson. We have seen them smashing CCTV cameras, just as they did when they vandalised the Jamia Millia Islamia University library on December 15. We have seen them beat wounded Muslim men as they lay piled up against each other and force them to sing the national anthem. We know that one of those young men is dead. All the dead, wounded and devastated, Muslim as well as Hindu are victims of this regime headed by Narendra Modi, our nakedly fascist Prime Minister who himself is no stranger to being at the helm of affairs in a state when 18 years ago a massacre on a much larger scale went on for weeks.

The anatomy of this particular conflagration will be studied for years to come. But the local detail will only be a matter of historical record because the ripples based on hateful rumours fuelled on the social media have begun to eddy outwards and we can already smell more blood on the breeze. Although there have been no more killings in North Delhi, yesterday (February 29) saw mobs of people in Central Delhi chanting the slogan that built up to the attacks: “Desh ke Gaddaron ko, Goli maaron saalon ko.”

Only a few days ago. the Delhi High Court Judge, Justice Muralidharan was furious with the Delhi Police for having taken no action against Kapil Mishra, former BJP MLA candidate who had earlier too used it as an election slogan. On the night of February 26, the judge was given midnight orders to take up his new assignment in the Punjab High Court. Kapil Mishra is back on the streets chanting the same slogan. It can now be used until further notice. Fun and games with judges isn’t new. We know the story about Justice Loya. We may have forgotten the story of Babu Bajrangi, convicted of participating in the killing 96 Muslims in Naroda Patiya, in Gujarat in 2002. Listen to him on YouTube: He’ll tell you how “Narendra bhai” got him out of jail because of “setting” the judges.


We have learned to expect massacres such as this one before elections – they have become a sort of barbaric election campaign to polarise votes and build constituencies. But the Delhi massacre happened just days after an election, after the BJP-RSS suffered a humiliating defeat. It is a punishment for Delhi and an announcement for the coming elections in Bihar.

Everything is on record. Everything is available for everyone to see and hear – the provocative speeches of Kapil Mishra, Parvesh Verma, Union Minister Anurag Thakur, Chief Minister of UP Yogi Adityanath, the Home Minister Amit Shah and even the Prime Minister himself. And yet everything has been turned upside down – it’s being made to appear as though all of India is a victim of the absolutely peaceful, mostly female, mostly – but not only – Muslim protestors who have been out on the streets for almost 75 days, in their tens of thousands, to protest against the Citizenship Amendment Act.

The CAA, which offers a fast-track route to citizenship for non-Muslim minorities, is blatantly unconstitutional and blatantly anti-Muslim. Coupled with the National Population Register and the National Register of Citizens, it is meant to delegitimise, destabilise and criminalise not just Muslims but hundreds of millions of Indians who do not have the requisite documents – including those who are chanting “Goli Maaro Saalon Ko” today.

Once citizenship comes into question, everything comes into question – your children’s rights, your voting rights, your land rights. As Hannah Arendt said, “citizenship gives you the right to have rights.” Anybody who thinks this is not the case, please turn your attention to Assam and see what has happened to twenty lakh people – Hindus, Muslims, Dalits, Adivasis. Now trouble has started between local tribes and the non-tribal population in the state of Meghalaya. There is curfew in Shillong. The state borders are closed to non-locals.

The sole purpose of the NPR-NRC-CAA is to destabilise and divide people not just in India but across the whole subcontinent. If they do indeed exist, these phantom millions of human beings who India’s current Home Minister calls Bangladeshi “termites”, cannot be kept in detention centres and cannot be deported. By using such terminology and by thinking up such a ridiculous, diabolic scheme, this government is actually endangering the tens of millions of Hindus who live in Bangladesh, Pakistan and Afghanistan who they pretend to be concerned about, but who could suffer the backlash of this bigotry emanating from New Delhi.

Look where we have ended up.

In 1947, we won independence from colonial rule that was fought for by almost everybody with the exception of our current rulers. Since then all manner of social movements, anti-caste struggles, anti-capitalist struggles, feminist struggles have marked our journey up to now.

In the 1960s, the call to revolution was a demand for justice, for the redistribution of wealth and the overthrow of the ruling class.

By the 1990s, we were reduced to fighting against the displacement of millions of people from their own lands and villages, people who became the collateral damage for the building of a new India in which 63 of India’s richest people have more wealth than the annual budget outlay for 1,200 million people.

Now we are reduced to pleading for our rights as citizens from people who have had nothing to do with building this country. And as we plead, we watch the state withdraw its protection, we watch the police get communalised, we watch the judiciary gradually abdicate its duty, we watch the media that is meant to afflict the comfortable and comfort the afflicted do the very opposite.

Today is the 210th day since Jammu and Kashmir was unconstitutionally stripped of its special status. Thousands of Kashmiris including three former chief ministers continue to be in jail. Seven million people are living under a virtual information siege, a novel exercise in the mass violation of human rights. On February 26, the streets of Delhi looked like the streets of Srinagar. That was the day that Kashmiri children went to school for the first time in seven months. But what does it mean to go to school, while everything around you is slowly throttled?

A democracy that is not governed by a Constitution and one whose institutions have all been hollowed out can only ever become a majoritarian state. You can agree or disagree with a Constitution as a whole or in part – but to act as though it does not exist as this government is doing is to completely dismantle democracy. Perhaps this is the aim. This is our version of the coronavirus. We are sick.

There’s no help on the horizon. No well-meaning foreign country. No UN.

And no political party that intends to win elections will or can afford to take a moral position. Because there is fire in the ducts. The system is failing.

What we need are people who are prepared to be unpopular. Who are prepared to put themselves in danger. Who are prepared to tell the truth. Brave journalists can do that, and they have. Brave lawyers can do that, and they have. And artists – beautiful, brilliant, brave writers, poets, musicians, painters and filmmakers can do that. That beauty is on our side. All of it.

We have work to do. And a world to win.

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