Deaths in landslides are reported from Afghanistan to Nepal

Deaths in landslides are reported from Afghanistan to Nepal.


Deaths in landslides are reported from Afghanistan to Nepal.

Monitoring Desk: Deaths in landslides are being reported from Afghanistan to Nepal.  Massive deforestation and unplanned constructions are playing havoc with fragile lands of Hindukush and Himalayas, resulting news are coming from Afghanistan to Nepal about massive landslides and several deaths.

News from Takhar province of Afghanistan indicated that 6 persons of one family killed in landslide in Taluqan area as mountain slipped in the Chah Aab district of northern Takhar province. One house was completely destroyed while 20 others are facing risk of destruction as earth is still sliding.  Local authorities indicated that residents of local areas cut almost all trees from mountain tops and sold them in local market, resulting in massive land erosion that is causing landslides.

In Pune, India, the death toll in Malin village landslide disaster has gone up to 136. The district control room said the 136 dead included 53 men, 65 women and 18 children.

In Kathmandu, Nepal, over 160 people are still missing while 33 are confirmed dead in a massive landslide that occurred above Jure village, about 1.4 km upstream from the Sun Koshi Hydropower project’s intake site. An entire 1.9 km long slope of land collapsed on August 2, burying two dozen houses. Landslide debris reportedly blocked Bhote Kosi, which is one of the tributaries of river Kosi.

This landslide was not a disaster for Nepal only rather Indian province of Bihar is also under threat of floods. Bihar province invoked the provisions of the Disaster Management Act to initiate forcible evacuation of population living in the danger zone of Kosi on Sunday.

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