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The millennial generation believes the word ‘technology’ and that lead us to trust more on UHT packed milk instead of ‘gawala milk’. Recently, a news made a chaos for the loyal UHT milk consumers. The report by PCSIR states that the packed milk has harmful chemicals which are unfit for the consumption.

Being a researcher and writer I never opt to trust the news and considering my social responsibility wrote to the authorities at Dairyland. Though, being a daily user of DayFresh milk which is the product of Dairyland (Pvt.) Ltd. I am seeking their detailed reply.

This turns out more interesting than thought, and I went to see their farm and the detailed reports followed by the Supreme Court on which they are stated to meet all legal standards.

Allow me to enlighten you with my research;

Dairyland operates as one of Pakistan’s largest and most modern farms that is currently home to more than 3000 cows. You would astonished to see their milking parlor is fully computerized and involves no human involvement with the milk, which will made me inspire the most. It meant there is no chance of adulteration due to man involvement and handling.

The process which Dairyfresh milk performs in order to ensure the healthy diet for us is admirable. The quality control department test the purity in every drop of milk. The complete batch then undergoes a series of strict measures.

Does is sound you a normal practice? If yes, let me disclose one more feature that every cow is traceable via RFID and milk been monitored properly. The Dairyland processing facility is internationally certified and has state-of-art imported filling machines. All the staff at their farm as well the processing facility are well trained and experienced.

Dairyland is also one of the very few dairy companies in Pakistan to have obtained ISO 22000 certification for its production facility. The ISO 22000 integrates the principles of the hazard analysis and critical control point (HACCP) system as well as application steps developed by the Codex Alimentarius Commission. Dairyland’s ISO 22000 Certification clearly means that it has implemented internationally recognized measures to protect against hazards.

What could be more information for us to trust the credibility of Dayfresh being the best? Let us guide you more about the case and then we will end our discussion with a conclusion.

Back in September, Barrister Zafarullah khan, issued a petition against the government of Punjab appealing a ban on a lot of dairy products, produced by a few renowned local brands. Unfortunately, DayFresh milk produced by Dairyland Pakistan was also in that list.  The supreme court of Pakistan took immediate action by assigning UAF, UVAS and PCSIR to conduct a non-lenient analysis on all of the products.

Dairyland, conducted two separate tests by leading laboratories namely SGS, Karachi and Qarshi labs.

The propaganda been over rated on Social media and Television, and finally on 27th December 2016 a hearing was held in the supreme court where they were informed that results of all the three tests conducted by the assigned labs showed that Day Fresh milk adhered to all legal standards quality specifications and it contains no adulterants, thus it is safe for consumption. The court appointed Commissioner and the assistant advocate general, Punjab, concluded with these findings.

The analytical laboratory test report by Qarshi Research International Pvt. also reveals that no hazardous materials Enlisting zinc, manganese, copper, lead, chromium and iron have been detected. DayFresh milk is 100% natural milk extracted from Dairyland’s Australian Holstein and Friesen cows, which are the highest milk-producing breed in the world.

Therefore, we assure you that there are no preservatives and no adulteration in the Dayfresh milk and we have been through all the processes which are the standard being followed.

For any experiences and discussion, you can always get in touch with me regarding the brand.

Mati-Ullah is the Online Editor For DND. He is the real man to handle the team around the Country and get news from them and provide to you instantly.

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