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As we all know, the summer season is coming. The needs and demand for air conditioner products are very high in the summer season. As soon as winters leave, all homeowners make sure that their air conditioners work best in terms of system functioning. Many companies in the market are offering the best models of air conditioners to consumers. Some well-known companies are Haier, LG, Dawlance, Mitsubishi, and Gree. But here we will tell you about Dawlance inverter AC which is currently one of the best inverter AC in Pakistan. Let’s first have a look at the brand profile.

Dawlance – Brand Overview

Dawlance Group Corporation is well-known as a Chinese collective multinational client electronics and home appliances company. The Dawlance inverter series enables you to run your air conditioner for longer hours, reducing electricity bills by 30%. Not only do you get your desired cooling within 20 minutes (unlike 35 minutes compared to any other air conditioner) you also get the heating option so that you can use your air conditioner all year round, in all seasons.

Dawlance AC Inverter

Dawlance is one of the most popular brands in Pakistan for electronic appliances. The company has created its position in the competitive market for many of its devices, especially the Dawlance AC inverter. Dawlance has been developing and supplying inverters for the last few years since the technology arrived in Pakistan. All the inverter AC ranges offered by the company offer a cool and refreshing experience to the customers.

Dawlance inverter AC

Dawlance inverter AC

These air conditioners come with an auto-restart feature in case of a sudden power outage. So, do not worry about getting up at night at turning on the AC during load shedding. Another important factor is the quiet operation of the unit so have a relaxed and sound sleep without any noise.


As it is an inverter AC, it can save you up to Rs 30,000 per year, if calculated smartly. Its power-saving technology reduces power consumption when it gets close to the target temperature, down to 2-3 amperes. As soon as it gets the desired temperature, it stops the cooling effect until the temperature of the room gets high to make it work again. Keeping in mind the voltage issue in some areas f Pakistan, t is also capable of starting with low voltage up to 150V, which is also very usable with UPS. So, along with reducing power consumption, it also helps in keeping the appliance protected. Typhoon Air Technology maximizes the range and quality of its fan. Some customers reviewed that they installed AC at one end of the room and the air could easily reach far into the room. It had no odour and felt natural. So, why are you holding back? Get your hands on Dawlance inverter AC.

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