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Halal Dating Spots in Lahore That You Might Have Never Thought About

Only a few are lucky to get a chance to go on official dates. Otherwise, permission issues, long-distance relationships, or fear of getting caught by some relatives come in the way of going on dates. However, if you are lucky enough to find someone you match your vibe with, here are some safe dating spots in Lahore that you might have not never thought about.

Best Dating Spots in Lahore


If you have never thought about them, these places will be far away from the minds of your friends and family. Moreover, all these places are fun, cheap, and adventurous, giving a chance to the couple to explore more and get to know each other. So, it is high time that you stop going to expensive restaurants or wandering like fools in the parks. Take a look at the best dating spots in Lahore to visit with your special one next time. However, if you are not lucky to have a special one, you can still show some self-love and visit them on your own.

Don’t worry these are not restaurants from where you will return with empty wallets and, literally, no quality time. Nor these spots are cinemas where you are under constant observation of cameras. You are also getting ahead of wandering foolishly in the malls and parks and getting caught by someone. So, let’s dive in.

Lahore Zoo

Best dating spots in Lahore


Let’s bring back the old dating spot and make it new again. Lahore Zoo is one of the cheapest and most adventurous dating spots in Lahore that can bring a quality time for couples for just PKR 80 (PKR 40 for each ticket).

It is the place where you can find out what your partner thinks about you. If for them, you are a lion or tiger, you are doing great in your relationship. But, if they point out at a monkey or a hippopotamus, saying ‘it’s you’, then you need to rethink a few things.

Lahore Gymkhana

Best dating spots in Lahore


Sounds fancy, right? And you need to be a member too. Actually, no. You can visit Lahore Gymkhana for free and talk along a romantic walk around the golf courses. You can chill there at any time of the day and think about your future together if you happen to make it that far.

Lahore Airport Parking

Don’t take it wrong, please. You can simply park your car in the lot and watch the aeroplanes flying above you. The best place to visit it at night and then wonder, why you never thought of coming here on your dates earlier. The gleaming lights and aeroplanes fly closer above your car while you get to know each other. To make it more perfect, you can bring snacks because dates are incomplete without food.


Best dating spots in Lahore

This is one of the best dating spots in Lahore to find out if your partner is your ‘ride or die’. The choice of your rides will show your compatibility. Otherwise, stay prepared to handle your partner puking everywhere. If you vibe together, it can be a hell of fun for both of you and become your go-to spot for all upcoming dates.


Best dating spots in Lahore

Getting a little out of hand? Well, Qabristan visits can turn into some very memorable dates as they can bring about deep talks. You can walk around the graves and rethink life and death. If there is true love, Qabristan is the right spot to make that ‘love you till death’ promise.

Lahore Museum

Best dating spots in Lahore

Bring back those old school trip days by going to Lahore Musem for your date. By doing so, you can explore a lot about your cultural history. Additionally, the place has many strange things that they will never let you get out of topics to talk about. So, museums will save you from awkward silence during your date. Also, a visit to the Lahore museum is affordable.

Food Street

Lahore Food Street is one of the amazing spots to visit in Lahore. the place itself is full of colours and aesthetics at every time of the day. The wholesome view of Lahore fort on the side and coloured buildings and aromatic aura of Food Street will reside in your hearts forever.

The cherry on top, you will not come back home starving to death as there is a wide variety of food. It will also help to know each other by the taste of food.

Uptown LA

Best dating spots in Lahore

Bowling dates have to beat those boring and typical unromantic candlelight dinners. None of you is a professional bowling player and that’s what will make your date perfect. You can laugh at each other’s silliness. Have a friendly competition with each other. But, if it doesn’t stay friendly if you keep winning, it’s a red flag. The rest is up to you.

Orange Train

Starting from Ali Town on Raiwind Road and ending at Daira Gujra, Orange Line Train covers a large part of Lahore. You can explore Lahore and enjoy the scenic beauty of the city of Gardens. It is the best way to start hanging out with each other and keep your relationship lowkey and strengthening.

You might find your true love if your partner is okay with this idea and doesn’t act cocky while travelling on public transport.

Walled City Lahore

Best dating spots in Lahore

Add Walled City Lahore is one of the best dating spots in Lahore. This part of Lahore is full of life and utter authenticity. The places are worth watching. You can visit Lahore Fort, Badshahi Mosque, Wazir Khan Masjid, Delhi Gate, and much more. The place is full of history, culture, amazing food, and much more.

You can enjoy a wonderful time with each other. Plus, you can have a lot of your memories as the place will give you the best spots to click pictures.

Virtual Date

Best dating spots in Lahore

Have strict parents? You can online think of going on actual dates so virtual dates are your thing. Turn your casual video call into the best dates by putting a little effort into it. You can thrive in your long-distance relationship by coming up with innovative virtual date ideas.

Set up a table, light up a candle, dress up nicely, play soft music in the background, prepare a meal or order something, and set up your screen in front of you. Then, dine and talk like you are actually sitting across from each other. You can also watch a movie together. Here is a great idea for your virtual date.


Home For Rishta

Why not make it Halal and go on actual Halal dates for the rest of your life? End your relationship right now if you are dating and haven’t thought about rishta scenes yet. Make it official so there’s no one to stop you from going anywhere together. What else is a better idea for a date when your parents set you up together?



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