Findings of Dasu terrorist attack investigations

In the terrorist attack in Dasu on July 14, 2021, 9 Chinese and 3 Pakistani nationals lost their lives. Later, one more Chinese national succumbed to his injuries.


Both Pakistan and China have condemned the Dasu terrorist attack in the strongest possible terms.

As committed at the outset, the Pakistan authorities have conducted thorough investigations of the incident and shared the findings with the Chinese side at every stage.

The investigations into the Dasu terrorist attack have reached important findings as follows:

  • The network involved in the terrorist attack was supported and facilitated by RAW-NDS nexus in Afghanistan.
  • The Swat chapter of TTP executed the terrorist attack on behest of Hostile Intelligence Agencies (HIAs).
  • The planning for the terrorist attack was done in Afghanistan, with provision of material support as well.
  • The vehicle used in VBIED attack was brought from Afghanistan to Pakistan.
  • The suicide bomber, Khalid@Sheikh, was trained in Afghanistan and brought to Pakistan to carry out the attack.
  • Some of those involved in the attack have been arrested, while others are at large in Afghanistan.
  • An MLA (Mutual Legal Assistance) request is being made to the Afghanistan government.

Further investigation is in progress to find all those involved in this cowardly attack.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs said that the government of Pakistan reiterates its strong commitment to apprehend all those responsible for this heinous crime and bring them to justice.

“We would not allow any hostile force to undermine the iron-clad friendship between Pakistan and China,” the ministry said.

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