Daraz’s Drop of Life campaign helps people in Rehri Goth to access clean drinking water

Rehri Goth, a 400-year-old fishing community, faces the dilemma of the unsanitized water facility. A research report by the Pakistan Council of Scientific and Industrial Research stated that the groundwater of Rehri Goth contains a higher level of arsenic and does not qualify the allowed limit set by the WHO for drinking purposes.


According to the data from Lyari Community Hospital, the residents of the Goth are at a high risk of deadly diseases like skin cancer, gangrene, non-pitting oedema, hyperkeratosis, keratosis, and melanosis. The continuous use of arsenic has caused multiple complications of the heart, reproductive system, lungs, bladder, and skin.

Realizing the desperate cry for help and adhering to their mission of strengthening the sustainable goals, Daraz extended an effort to help 86,000 people of Rehri Goth. The journey began with their initiative, Drop of Life, which was in accordance with the spirit of this blessed month of Ramadan.

The largest eCommerce platform raised substantial funds and took responsibility to bear the maintenance cost of the reverse osmosis (RO) plant in Rehri Goth that will serve the 14,000 households with their due right to clean drinking water.

The project proved to be a devoted proponent of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) set by the UN for the refinement of society and entered the list of numerous initiatives taken by the company that defined their vision to uplift the communities by affecting their living standards for good.

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