Daesh is using helicopters in Afghanistan

Who provides helicopters to Daesh in Afghanistan?

Dushanbe, Tajikistan: Reports coming from Afghanistan suggest that Islamic State also known as Daesh is using helicopters for transferring weapons and soldiers at Toba Bora caves complex in Afghanistan.

There are reports that Daesh is using unmarked helicopters to transfer its foot soldiers and weapons from Achin district to other parts of Nangarhar province including at Tora Bora mountainous region.

Afghan politicians claim that Daesh is using US helicopters while US and NATO authorities claim that they are eliminating Daesh through military operations in Nangarhar province known as “Hamza operations”.

It may be mentioned that former Afghan President Hamid Karzai accused US forces to support Daesh calling Islamic State as a tool of United States during one of his interviews given to Voice of American on April 17, 2017.

However, US and NATO authorities claim that they are eliminating Daesh through military operations in Nangarhar province known as “Hamza operations”.

Meanwhile, a senior member of Afghan Parliament Zahir Qadir is also claiming that US helicopters had been transferring Daesh terrorists to the province of Nangarhar. He claimed that over 50 ISIS fighters were transferred by US helicopters to Barabad region of the town of Behsoud in Nangarhar province.

He also accused US forces to deliver a container full of military equipment to the ISIS terrorists in Nari Obeh region of Nangarhar province.

Qadir is constantly blaming US and NATO forces to covertly sponsoring Daesh but Afghan government is quite and is yet to rebut his claims.

It may be mentioned that forces loyal to Zahir Qadir are fighting against Daesh in Tora Bora area.

Zahir Qadir claims that unmarked helicopters providing weapons and soldiers to Daesh belong to the United States. He also said that the Tora Bora defenders had not received any real support from the Afghan government and NATO forces.

In the meantime, reports coming from Moscow suggest that Russian intelligence networking in Afghanistan also spotted use of helicopters by Islamic State terrorists and sent several reports to Kremlin claiming that Daesh has airlifting support and using helicopters in Afghanistan near Pak-Afghan borders where Daesh captured a large part of Tora Bora, a strategic cave and tunnel complex in the Pachir Aw Agam District of Nangarhar.

Russian foreign office on June 22, 2017 claimed that unmarked helicopters ferrying the fighters of ISIS (Daesh) Afghan branch were spotted around Tora Bora.

“It is symptomatic that neither the Afghan authorities nor the US and NATO military contingent officials in Afghanistan have offered a rational explanation for the increased number of flights made by unidentified helicopters providing support to ISIS fighters in many Afghan provinces. Silence in this case is becoming increasingly conspicuous”, commented Spokesperson of Russian Foreign Ministry Maria Zakharova while answering questions of foreign journalist during FO briefing on June 22, 2017.

“I would like the Western media, including American journalists who have published so many reports about Russia’s alleged assistance to the Taliban and extremists in Afghanistan, to take note of this information. We have repeatedly denied these reports as ungrounded and have outlined Russia’s firm stance on this matter.

We would like these unidentified helicopters to appear not only in Afghanistan but also in the Western media. Dear colleagues, you have the opportunity to ask these questions in the Pentagon, the White House and the US State Department. I know that you are looking for Russian hackers, but you can now shift your attention to the helicopters. It is said in Afghanistan that these are US helicopters and that they deliver assistance not to moderate fighters or extremists, but directly to ISIS”, she added.

It may be mentioned that Former Afghan President Hamid Karzai on April 17, 2017 claimed that he did not differentiate at all between Daesh and America.

“I consider Daesh their (US) tool. I do not differentiate at all between Daesh and America”, claimed Karzai in an exclusive interview given to Voice of America.