Cyber Security in Pakistan: Government Initiatives and Internet Security Best Practices

BlogsCyber Security in Pakistan: Government Initiatives and Internet Security Best Practices

Internet technology in Pakistan has grown rapidly creating a digital revolution. As a result, the social and economic growth of the country has also greatly improved. But unfortunately, it has also made the country vulnerable to new threats, specifically, when it comes to cybersecurity. Lately, cyber-attacks have become more rampant, costly, and sophisticated. It does not only affect individuals but government institutions and businesses as well. Here, we are going to explore cybersecurity in Pakistan including the challenges and improvements that need to be done.


How is Cybersecurity in Pakistan?


The digital economy in Pakistan is continuously expanding. In fact, there are over 100 million internet users in the country. At the same time, the number of e-commerce businesses has also grown. Pakistan has a sluggish approach toward cybersecurity and social media and recently, there is an increase in cybersecurity incidents. In fact, in 2020 alone, there was a 300 percent increase in cyber-attacks. 


What are the Challenges in Pakistan’s Cybersecurity?


Is cyber security important to Pakistan?, Unfortunately, Pakistan’s cybersecurity is facing a lot of challenges due to several factors. One of its major challenges is the people’s lack of understanding about cybersecurity. Most internet users in the country are not implementing cybersecurity measures, such as keeping their software and applications up to date, using strong passwords, or using VPNs. There are a lot of VPNs out there but unveiling ExpressVPN’s security and speed keeps you protected. 


The lack of resources and expertise is also another challenge in Pakistan’s cybersecurity. Most organizations do not have sufficient funds, making them unable to invest in expertise and cybersecurity infrastructure. Due to this lack of resources, these organizations became exposed to cyber threats since they can’t protect themselves against these attacks.


Another crucial challenge is the absence of cybersecurity laws and regulations in the country. Currently, the laws and regulations in Pakistan do not provide substantial protection against cyber threats. As a result, individuals and businesses have become more vulnerable to cyber-attacks.


What Are The Improvements That Need To Be Done?


Despite having a lot of challenges in the cybersecurity infrastructure of Pakistan, there is still a lot of room for improvement. For instance, increasing awareness about cybersecurity among the general public. This can be accomplished by launching education and training programs so that the people will know what are the basic cybersecurity measures and how they can protect themselves against cyber attacks.


Another way is to encourage businesses to invest funds for expertise and cybersecurity infrastructure. This can help in protecting your business against financial damage caused by cyber-attacks. It can also make your company competitive and reputable, as a result, customers will be impressed since you are taking cybersecurity seriously.




One of the major concerns of individuals, businesses, and the government of Pakistan is their cybersecurity infrastructure. This is because cyber-attacks can likely lead to serious financial damage. At the same time, it can also greatly affect the reputation of the company. Unfortunately, the current cybersecurity infrastructure of the country is not sufficient enough to address the increasing cyber threats. However, there are ways that this can be improved such as investing in expertise and cybersecurity infrastructure, extending awareness, and most of all strengthening laws and regulations. By accomplishing these necessary steps, Pakistan can enjoy a safer and more secure digital environment.


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Asad Haroon
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