Culture of Balochistan


By area Baluchistan is the largest province of Pakistan. Bolchi is native language of Baluchistan. Some other languages are also spoken in different areas of Baluchistan, in Qallat areas Brahwi is spoken, and Makrani is spoken in the coastal region of Baluchistan that is Mkran. Blochi literature has a huge collection of poetry and novels.

Baluchistan is famous for the production of fruits, dry fruits and dates. Panjgur  produces the dates worldwide, and Ziarat produces the dry fruits and apple. It is also famous for the production of peach. Here people are keen of meet. Sajji is very popular dish of Baloch people. Roasted lamb is liked specially in winter season. They drink QAHWA after the meal and it is also served to guests as well. They make the QAHWA without sugar; they take their special candies with it.

Men of Baluchistan wear shalwar qameez and a turban.  Women wear frock full of embroidery wit shalwar. Their women also wear the metallic jewelry which is popular in the women of all over the Pakistan.  They wear the long veils. Their brides wear the green and red embroider  frocks, and groom wears the white qameez shalwar with a specific black or golden jacket and turban. They hold the sward in the hand , now-a-days they take gun.

Festivals are conducted for the enjoyment of the people. In festivals camel-race, horse-race and the wrestling are the recreational and seasonal functions. Seasonal function is celebrated in Makran when men come back from the harvest of date palms.

People of Baluchistan are very hospitable; on the other hand they are warrior as well. They strictly follow their culture. Their traditional values are most important assets for them.