Credibility Crises: BBC faces backlash over interview with Boris Johnson

The British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC), a Widely Watched News Channel, has once again found itself in hot water even this time from Britishers themselves over an interview by BBC News Political Editor Laura Kuenssberg with Boris Johnson, the likely successor of Theresa May as the UK Prime Minister.

Laura Kuenssberg interviewed Boris Johnson with main focus on Brexit; however, her evident rigidity and biasedness with regard to former’s verbal scuffle with his girlfriend Carrie Symonds didn’t go unnoticed as well.BBC’s Laura Kuenssberg faces backlash over biased interview with Boris Johnson

As per the UK Daily Newspaper “Express”, Boris Johnson’s interview with Laura Kuenssberg sparked a furious backlash on social media, with people condemning BBC News’ political editor for her “biased” and “unnecessarily haughty” line of questioning.

It is worth noting that Pakistan Army has also recently been critical to BBC’s credibility, and on June 18 it also officially challenged the British Broadcasting Corporation to come up with facts and contested its story published on June 2, terming it a “pack of lies and in violation of journalistic ethos”.

Prior to that, the BBC also apologized to the former President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko in March 2019, for running an “untrue” story against him.

Now more complaints have been surfaced against BBC News Political Editor Laura Kuenssberg’s “soft” interview, with one claiming the BBC should be investigated by broadcasting body Ofcom due to the “balance” in the broadcast.

Commenting on Laura Kuenssberg’s interview with Boris Johnson, one of social media users wrote “Is it a fair way to run an interviewee to fix on a question that is not been answered, until it is (hell freezing), the interviewer declares the question unanswered, or the interviewee walks.

“Paxman style? Or is more important to cover more ground. I feel the former.”

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Another said on Twitter: “BBC Politics interview needed more rigorous questioning.

“Sadly, Laura came across unnecessarily haughty & with hearsay soundbites but lacking in fact to engage in repartee, such that Boris Johnson was able to give several two-minute soliloquies!”

A third person wrote: “She’s (Laura Kuenssberg’s) biased. He’s (Boris Johnson) got every right not to discuss his private life – no matter how much you want him destroyed by it.”