Credence High School Admissions: Leading CBSE School in Dubai

UAEDubaiCredence High School Admissions: Leading CBSE School in Dubai

Credence High School Admissions

Imagine a place where learning is an adventure, happiness fuels education, and each child’s potential is nurtured – welcome to Credence High School. This CBSE-affiliated co-educational institution, nestled in Dubai, has illuminated the minds of Indian expatriate children and students of over thirty other nationalities since 2014.



  • Introduction to Credence High School
  • Location and Campus
  • School Life at Credence
  • Performance and Achievements
  • School Culture and Environment
  • Tuition and Fees
  • Student-Teacher Ratio
  • Strengths and Areas of Excellence
  • FAQs
  • Conclusion

Location and Campus

Credence High School graces the Al Quoz region of Dubai, conveniently situated off Sheikh Zayed Road. The location offers easy access for parents and students alike. The school complex, a meticulously designed 25,700-square-foot building on a sprawling 7-acre plot, accommodates many educational activities. The campus is a beehive of vibrant activities with a library, laboratories, dance and music hall, indoor sports and cultural hall, swimming pool, athletic track, volleyball, basketball, and cricket courts. The football ground adds an extra dash of energy to the mix.

School Life at Credence

School life at Credence is an exciting exploration, growth, and fun journey. The Student Council, elected by the students themselves, oversees various sports, literary, and cultural activities. The school is known for organizing the UAE Quiz Masters Tournament – an annual inter-school quiz competition inviting participation from several UAE schools.

Performance and Achievements

Credence High School has consistently earned recognition for its commitment to educational excellence. In the 2017-18 academic year, the Knowledge and Human Development Authority (KHDA) rated the school as ‘Good.’ However, in 2023, the school ascended further by being shortlisted in the Best Indian Curriculum School category by the region’s Top School Awards, achieving a commendable status.

School Culture and Environment

Credence High School Admissions
The ambiance at Credence High School reverberates with positivity, enthusiasm, and inspiration. The school leadership is committed, compassionate, and inspiring, driving the school toward excellence. Parents, teachers, and students praise the school’s unique approach that places happiness at the core of education. Credence encourages a comprehensive and enjoyable learning experience by rejecting the rote learning approach.

Tuition and Fees

Quality education is an investment in your child’s future. At Credence, the average annual tuition fee ranges from 13,000 AED for Pre-K to 26,000 AED for Grade 12, providing value for every dirham spent.

Student-Teacher Ratio

At Credence, every child receives personalized attention to unlock their potential. The school maintains a healthy teacher-to-student ratio of 1:14, ensuring each child’s educational journey is closely guided and enriched.

Strengths and Areas of Excellence

Credence High School Admissions
Credence High School has many strings to its bow. Its key strengths lie in its philosophy of placing students’ happiness at the forefront, yielding an outstanding return on investment, and receiving positive feedback from the school community. The school is famous for its excellent progress and achievement in Mathematics and Science.


Who laid the foundations of Credence High School, and when?

Credence High School started working in 2014 with a group of Indian expatriate businessmen, including Azad Moopen, Nalapad Ahmed Abdulla, and Sameer K. Mohamed.

What is the maximum student capacity of Credence High School?

The school can accommodate 1650 students.

What are some activities overseen by the Student Council at Credence High School?

The Student Council at Credence High School governs various sports, literary, and cultural activities. They also organize the UAE Quiz Masters Tournament. This annual inter-school quiz competition invites participation from many other schools across the UAE.

What are the tuition fees at Credence High School?

The tuition fees at Credence High School range from 13,000 AED for Pre-K to 26,000 AED for Grade 12.

What is the teacher-to-student ratio at Credence High School?

The school maintains a teacher-to-student ratio of 1:14, ensuring individual attention and guidance for every student.


Give your child the Credence advantage – an enriching and balanced education that equips them for a bright future. Contact us today to learn more about our admission process and how we can contribute to your child’s educational journey.

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