COVID-19 Relief Activities – An Opportunity to Remedy the Human Errors


No doubt the 21st Century humans have peaked new heights with intellects bestowed to them by Allah Almighty. Utilizing their unlimited intellectual aptitude & intelligence and a pursuit to excel, humans have already succeeded to a large extent in technological advancements and now may rightly brag of conquering the universe.

However, the Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic has badly decimated their assertions and exposed the so-called global village, which the technologically advanced Countries had been boasting of turning the world into. Since every Country across the globe has been affected by the COVID-19 especially those titans of global power having been inflicted upon significant damages, the entire world has now all of a sudden shrunk to be a mere house of almost 200 Countries and territories. With international borders having been sealed and the suspension of global flights, the notion of the global village, interdependence and human values above all has at least for now seems to have vanished.

But once again in such disarray, the poor and underprivileged segments of the societies have been bound to suffer the most. They have been gutted by unemployment, starvation, and a constant uncertainty which leaves them oblivious of their fate.

Though the governments have announced special relief packages to cater needs of pandemic affected people but numerous non-governmental organizations (NGOs), philanthropists, politicians, and kind-hearted people have also stepped forward to financially assist the downtrodden and vulnerable segments. But as above mentioned the fragility of the global financial system, the flaws having been incorporated in humans over time with regard to instinctively helping their fellow beings remain no longer veiled as well.

In an effort to somewhat heal the wounds of COVID-19 affectees, the relief activities by the NGOs, philanthropists or politicians have subconsciously or deliberately subjected the people to ignominy or embarrassment as when they are photographed while being handed over the relief package, they feel stigmatized and their egos being tarnished.

The non-governmental organizations take it as an obligatory duty to photograph the relief scenes for documentation as it’s an integral part of their functioning. But such practice on the part of philanthropists or any individuals is likely to deprive a number of deserving families of financial assistance as it hurts their self-respect. Therefore, it requires a self-analysis and a sense of respecting each other’s emotions if the noble cause has to be pursued with true letter and spirit.

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