COVID-19: 5 Steps to Deal with Mental Problems during Quarantine

UncategorizedCOVID-19: 5 Steps to Deal with Mental Problems during Quarantine

Coronavirus pandemic has turned on emergency across the globe as a number of people are losing their lives with every passing day. The governments of the affected Countries have directed citizens to stay at home and most of them have declared lockdown in order to maintain social distance while halting the spread of COVID-19 so that the situation can be controlled earliest possible.

In doing so, there are some factors that have been ignored for the time being but need to be dealt with great care. Above all, the people living in their homes while observing self-quarantine have been facing mental problems troubling them like stress, depression, and anxiety. When you stay all the time at home, it becomes difficult for you to get an idea about what to do to keep yourself engaged and pass the time productively. This causes you to feel depression, stress and then the anxiety of being at home all day long without doing anything.


To cope up with this situation properly and to manage these mental problems like stress, depression, and anxiety, here we have 5 significant steps to follow to help you stay out of trouble:

Make a new routine

The sudden change in your normal daily routines can be one of the most difficult aspects of quarantine. You can feel directionless as you try to figure out how to spend your day productively.

If you’re working from home, it can be helpful to keep yourself busy all the time much like a regular workday. However, it is not that easy to work from home as the environment matters a lot. Sitting with your family members and working for the office, really a big deal.

When you get free, you can watch some dramas; play with your kids and anything that makes your routine better while being in quarantine.

Workout is the best option

In order to stay healthy and active all the time during quarantine, the workout is the best option. If you don’t know about the exercises you should try to stay fit, the simplest solution is to take help from YouTube. You can go for weightlifting, yoga, rope skipping, stretching exercises, push-ups, etc.  All of these exercises can help you stay fit and release all your stress while reducing the chances of depression and anxiety.

Creative activities are always therapeutic

Creativity has diversified dimensions and to spend the quarantine time productively, you can choose a number of enjoyable activities to keep your mind all the time in order. You might not be a good painter but colors play the heavenly role to make you feel full of joy. So take any kind of paints as per your choice and splash it all on your sketchbook or canvas. Moreover, you can try some DIY ideas and improve the décor of your home. If you are foodie, why not go to the kitchen and cook something for you and your family? You can stitch, design clothes, and make your mirrors colorful with some awesome design. It all depends upon how you define your creative sense!

Stay in touch with your friends

Yes… we know that quarantine doesn’t allow you to meet your friends but talking to them via Skype, WhatsApp or any social media platform can make you spend your time in a pleasant manner. Friends know you the best and they also know how they can help you release your stress or depression. Talk, talk and talk! You will feel much better throughout the day.

Take online courses

Most of the time, it happens that we can’t find out time for some extra learning activities along with the busy routine. So what can be better than this quarantine time for this purpose? The Internet is there for you and everything is now readily available. Take online courses for digital marketing, content writing, vlogging, Photoshop, video editing and anything you can think of. It can lead you to start with some of your own projects in the future so don’t miss the opportunity.

We know that it is a hard time for you but have faith that everything will be fine soon. This too shall pass and we would be having a better time ahead. Don’t worry! Stay strong, stay safe and take precautionary measures to avoid the transmission of Coronavirus.

Mati-Ullah is the Online Editor For DND. He is the real man to handle the team around the Country and get news from them and provide to you instantly.

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