Egypt army ousts Morsi, suspends constitution.Coup in Egypt finished. Biggest protest in Egypt’s history. Morsi Gone with the Wind of change


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resident Mohamed Morsi has been stripped of his power by the Egyptian army, General Abdel Fattah el-Sisi said in a statement. The country’s chief justice will be the interim president of the country.

The country’s constitution has also been suspended.

“The military’s road map consists of dissolving the constitution and holding early presidential elections,” Sisi said.

“The address of the president yesterday did not meet the demands of the masses of the people. As a result it was a necessity for the armed forces to consult with certain political and social figures without sidelining any party where the meeting parties agreed upon a future roadmap plan which included initial measures whereby a coherent Egyptian society is achieved w/o marginalizing any individual political party and putting an end to the state of division,” he said.

Sisi added that the demands of the people have been heeded.

Fireworks have been set off over Cairo’s Tahrir Square and across the city in celebration.

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