Countries extended Export Credit Lines by Pakistan

Pakistan has started extending Export Credit to friendly Countries since 1984 and credits were given to the following Countries as per detail given below:

Name of Country
Year of Agreement
Agreed Amount of Export Credit
Disbursed Amount
Product/Items Exported
Kazakhstan199210US$ 8.96For export of consumer goods
Yemen19915US$ 199Export of Pakistani origin product/items i.e. rice, cement, medicine, readymade garment, iron bar, shoes, tent etc
Kyrgyzstan199310US$ 10Export of pharmaceutical plant “Aidan Pharma”
Tajikistan199420US$ 12.99Export of Pakistani origin product i.e sugar, rice, leather goods, cotton etc
Maldives19953.83US$ 3.83For construction of new parliament building of Male
Bosnia199220US$ 20Export of items exported butter, rice, medicine, sugar, children nutrition etc
Uganda198750US$ 2.7For export of tractors, accessories and spare or any other goods manufactured/produced
Kenya1984100NilFor export of industrial plant & machinery and related spare parts
Sri Lanka19915US$ 1.6Export Credit for purchase of Railways Wagon
199950US$ 45.11For export of equipments
Bangladesh198850US$ 12.08For construction of Mongla Cement Factory
US$ 5.48For construction of Sugar Plant
Iran198950US$ 48.52Miscellaneous Pakistan origin product/items
199410US$ 9.99Medicine/Food items
199620US$ 9.87For export of Medicine/Food items
Sudan199210US$ 9.97For export of machinery and equipment and engineering goods
Guinea Bissau19882.45US$ 2.21For export of machinery, equipment and other engineering goods




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