Coronavirus in China: Beijing cancelled Lunar New Year events

    Monitoring Desk:The city of Beijing has cancelled Lunar New Year events to control the spread of a new SARS-like virus.
    On Thursday, intra-city transport has also been shut down among big cities.
    Authorities have advised people to stay at home during Spring Festival holiday and suspend commuting from one city to another.
    The entire city of Wuhan, from where the virus emerged and spread to nearby cities was completely lockdown with no one allowed to come out or go inside the city.
    In Huanggang, public transport and rail services was suspended and one train station had been closed in Ezhou city.
    It may be mentioned that new year celebrations Beijing which was scheduled January 25 to 29 has been cancelled till announcement of new dates.
    It may me mentioned that the first case of the new virus was confirmed on December 31, 2019 in Japan and then reports came from South Korea, Taiwan, Thailand and even from United States.
    The Chinese government has classified the outbreak in the same category as the SARS epidemic, meaning compulsory isolation for those diagnosed with the illness as well as the ability to implement quarantine measures.

    But they still have not been able to confirm the exact source of the virus.

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