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Content writing guide

Content Writing is becoming a success-creating freelancing skill for people all over the world. Everything is becoming digital and so the need for content writing is enhancing. We understand the value of graphic designing or website interfaces. However, content writing is the key to making your website search engine optimised. If you want to kick off your career with content writing, here is a basic content writing guide that you need for your life.

Content Writing Guide

Content writing is easy or at the same time difficult for newbies. Some people get hold of it in an instant but some keep on struggling to make their articles stand out among the millions of others. This is not just a regular form of writing. The main strategy in content writing is SEO (Search Engine Optimization).

What is Search Engine Optimization?

Have you ever googled something and found a long list of results? You often pick the search that is highly placed on the search. This is not done on any favouritism base but there are SEO tools behind it.

Entrepreneurs, content writers, bloggers, digital marketers, and all others who rely on websites need to learn all the tits and bits of content writing. So, here is an easy content writing guide that all of you need to know.

Create A Niche

Content writing guide

For content writing, you need to understand that there are various topics that you can choose from. Everyone could not write about everything because we do not want to be Jack of all trades but masters of none when we want to write good content. Good content is something which shows your interest. So, if you are planning on starting your blog and want to earn money out of it, create your niche!

Understand your interests and decide which type of topics get the best out of you. Identify your area of expertise and your interest. The best way to create a niche is to target topics that people like the most and are unique. The more popular the topics are, the higher your article’s optimization will be because more people will look up your article or blog.

Knowledge Of Keyphrase

A key phrase is what you write in the search bar of your search engine. Any content that you write must have an even distribution of the keyphrase that your readers will be looking for. While choosing a key phrase, you should keep in mind that it should be related to the topic you have chosen.

Every search engine has a mechanism to detect the results from an infinite number of contents. If your article has enough keywords that your readers have searched for, then it increases the chance of higher visibility on the search engine.

A keyphrase should not be put into your article forcibly because that might affect the readability. Always make sure that the keyphrase is placed efficiently so the detectors could easily detect them. Some tips for putting your keyphrase are to put it in the first paragraph, heading 2, and the Title.

A Catchy Headline

content writing

A headline is the first thing that your reader looks at. It should be a nice catchy phrase that persuades a reader to click on your article. There are hundreds of people who write about the same thing on the internet. But, one thing that makes you stand out is the catchy headline that attracts the attention of your readers.

Always make sure that your headline sparks emotions among your audience. The headline is one of the most important traffic driving strategies that makes sure that the reader chooses you over other results.


Content writing is not about flaunting your writing skills. The readers are not there to look at how good your vocabulary is or how strong your command of sentence formation is. Readers click on your content to get information about something.

The readers include all kinds of people so you must understand it while choosing a language. The language you choose should be easy and colloquial. You should choose the words for that people would not have to search meaning for.

The key to right good content is to make sure that the content has the knowledge and it is understandable for your audience. The choice of language and usage of words should be simple and must depend on the audience you are targeting.

The basic thing before writing something is to identify who you are writing for. when you have your reader in mind, your choice of languages gets moulded in that way. You should keep readability in mind so that the content is not grammatically wrong and must not be difficult to read.


Content writing guide

Uploading your content online without proofreading is a big no in the content writing guide. Because human beings are not perfect and are prone to making mistakes. So, content full of mistakes does not create confidence among the readers.

So, make sure you have proofread all your content and that there are no mistakes. You can use content writing tools like Grammarly to make sure there are no grammatical errors. Grammarly is a free grammar checker tool and the most authentic one than other apps. For advanced grammatical errors, you can also get a yearly subscription by paying a fee.

Proofreading also gives a margin to edit your content. It helps you to improve any points that you have written so your content is more effective and persuasive for the reader.

This is a beginner content writing guide for people who need to learn freelancing skills in Pakistan. For getting your path right on freelancing, you can sign in on websites like Fiverr, Upwork, Guru, and Freelancing. com, etc that provide a platform to the people who have skills. So, nourish your skills and earn more at home.

Duaa Naeem
Duaa Naeem
Dua is a seasoned writer who loves to write on Pakistani Entertainment and Infotainment while having her Masters in English literature

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